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  1. Are you creative?
    If so, how do you use your creativity?
    Like do you draw/paint, play an instrument, write, organize, ect.
  2. I kill and write promos in deer blood because I am so edgy.
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  3. I eat soup off a plate.
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  4. I'm a pretty creative thinker and writer. I write shitty comedy that Aids knows I'll never perform and I'm probably the best rapper you've never heard
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  5. I'd say I'm academically creative, but overall I'm not very creative in an artistic sense. The creativity I do express tends to be forum related things where I make minuscule changes that bug me.
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  6. I write fanfiction. Aspiring author, lol. I'd say I'm highly creative. My longest story was 800,000 words, which is almost twice the length of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. My subject matter is very unique, too. Technically it's fanfiction, but all I really borrow is the fanbase. I make sure my stories are as original and self-reliant as possible, that way it's the best practice I can get for when I try a novel of my own.
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  7. 800... thousand?! :shock:

    1 page of A4 = 592 words (avg 5 chars per word)
    800k / 592 = 1352

    1,352 pages of A4? Holy damn.

    Yes I'm bored and worked this out :sad:
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  8. I use to sketch alot but that's it.

    Just fruit. I never really continued in doing it as much as i wanted to
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  9. I am not creative in any way, sadly.
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    "The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources." ~ Albert Einstein.

    Standard Mustafar Wall of Text (open)
    Anyway, with that said, yes I'd say I'm creative. I tend to express it through writing, though I haven't exactly written much yet but that's because I tend to like having the vast majority of projects planned before I start most projects. So, I've written down plenty of information regarding most of what I've thought off but I haven't actually composed the stories yet. I have a general overview of several different long running battle shonen series I'm working on. This encompasses characters, battle system and all that comes with that and the individual story arcs (all have at least five, most are in the double digit, the longest has thirty-five arcs planned [as in, I know what happens in them] with another batch on the way) and despite a few elements overlapping, all of them are pretty distinctive from one another. Granted, most of the plot details aren't written down, my brain forces me to go over something multiple times so I remember most of the stuff in each offhand.

    Also working on a One Piece elsewhere fanfiction (which essentially means, it takes place in the same world as OP but focuses entirely on original characters and original stories [OP is perfect for this type of fanfiction, since it's world is massive and Devil Fruits allow you to come up with some truly original powers]). Since this will actually be posted I have a lot more written down on this. Currently has thirty-six arcs but I'm thinking of cutting it down a bit and I've come up with 136 different original characters. Some are pretty basic but I think several show off my creativity more a lot more (and then there are those that are just downright retarded but meh, it fits the world. Also, my friends doing his own OP elsewhere fic (they'll be a few crossover arcs) and I've come up with a few Paramecia's for him to use (for those unaware and for whatever reason actually reading this, Paramecia are pretty much the free-reign powers of the series, endless possibilities there). Finally (on this note), I came up with a certain system for an arc that is pretty complex and really unique that I'm actually really proud of and will totally use it if I ever become a competent drawer and learn Japanese and could actually work on my own manga (that's never going to happen).

    Also currently working on a BTB for another site with another friend (we have our big four we will both be represented but otherwise both our brands will remain isolated and function separately outside of the occasionally program we might want to run) and I'm kinda using that to use several very out there and unique ideas for a wrestling federation (okay, that's an assumption since I only watch WWE but I'm positive that at least one of my ideas is unique). Like the top quote applies, I have influences for some of my ideas here but I've incorporated them into a wrestling enviroment and I think it's going to work greatly (at least for a BTB) .


    Forgot, I have a ton of video game ideas and a few song ones as well. Not going to expand upon on those in the slightest though.

    However, since I'm a paranoid guy, I'm not going to get into specifics for any of those but I did a few creative things in high school that actually went well for me. Ignoring presentations since those are easy targets and several are only really creative in the context of [my] school. Anyway, Algebra II homework was really boring so one day I decided to spice it up and did it in comic book format. Nothing incredibly, it was just a story about Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls teaching a rabbit (who is currently engaged in a race with a tortoise) about graphs and shit until Kirby comes and absorbs Blossom leaving the rabbit to have to finish the assignment by himself. Had a lot of fun with it, I had so much fun with it that I eventually stole it back when I saw the teacher hanged it on her wall.

    Oh, and then there was that time me and my friend paraded around the school carrying signs (my sign was so much better crafted but in fairness his was done in reference to WCW Jericho) we crafted and shouted our message to them. My sign said, "What's Next!" & his was, "Conspiracy Victim". Though, I got bored with it by first period (and then I had to lug the sign around all day), he kept going throughout the entire school day. We were bored.
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  11. I write wrestling fanfics if that counts. Other than that, no.
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  12. I am an organization Nazi. Not even joking. If things don't align right and colors don't match it bugs me, but in organizing things, I find joy. Weird? I am sure it is. lol
  13. You are creative in story telling I am sure. :woo1:
  14. I had fanfics before, but the mod of the site deleted them because they were in "the wrong section". :downer:
  15. I wish you the best on your journey! :obama: I would love to be a book writer as well.
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  16. #Crayspiracy
  17. Shroom more
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  18. Into writing, music (play bass), and not bad with graphic editors. Don't ask me to draw shit by hand though.
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  19. I can't really say I am, sometimes I'll do a free verse poem or two, but they're never really good. I'd say I'm pretty good when it comes to GFX I guess, but I need some kind of outline before I make anything. I can't just start with a blank stage and come up with something good.
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  20. If you count trying to come up with new comedy materiel all day as creativity, then yes.
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