Movies Creed - aka Rocky 7

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Stopspot, Jul 1, 2015.

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  1. This has my attention. Nifty idea to keep the franchise somehow alive (or spinning into a new one) without putting Stalone back in a boxing ring. I'm interested.
  2. I was never the biggest fan of the Rocky franchise, but this does look interesting. Nice way of continuing the plotline of the series while also giving us a fresh storyline with a young up-and-coming boxer on top of it. They played a similar angle with Rocky 5, but that one still culminated with Rocky stepping back into the ring at the end from what I can remember.
  3. Hell yeah, I'm looking forward to this!
  4. Yeah, this does seem to be what Rocky V should have been.

    Rocky VI was apparently an okay movie with a good ending to Rocky's career. I think I need to watch it before this one.
  5. Let me guess, they'll start with "will they, won't they", there's gonna be lots of arguing and daddy issues, then they'll get on the same page and win.
  6. Not the biggest fan of Rocky movies by far, but I would give this movie a shot. Looks interesting enough for me, and glad they can move the franchise still.
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