Kayfabe Crickets & Memories...

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    Red King/Gaia Promo #7: Crickets & Memories...

    *We open the segment with the Red King sitting on the floor in the corner of a now
    deserted locker room. His face, head and upper body are now mostly exposed due
    to his war paint coming off during his short but hellish triple threat match against
    Adams & Atlas. Gaia had already strapped a couple of ice bags to his body and
    now the beast was simply waiting for her to return with his special victory dinner.

    The looker room door suddenly swings open revealing cameraman Jackson Pickett
    carrying an extremely large but surprisingly light cardboard box*

    Jackson Pickett: Congratulations on the win Big Guy...How are you feeling?

    *The Red King simply grunts and motions towards his left knee*

    Pickett: Well...if its just your knee bothering you...then I think you did pretty well.
    You did have your head driven into the concrete floor tonight.

    *The Beast lets out a low growl as he watches Jackson place the large box on the
    locker room floor*

    Pickett: Besides...this should cheer you up. It was left with one of the ringside staff.
    Seems like you have already made an impression with at least one person.

    *The Red King cocks his head and looks at the box for a few moments before Gaia
    arrives back in the locker room carrying a large plastic food container*

    Gaia: Good news my King...catering was able to fulfill your request.

    Pickett: Oh God...what is that smell?

    Gaia: That would be my King's favorite food.

    *Gaia opens the container of food and hands it to the Red King who lets out a few
    ape-like barks of happiness before beginning to quickly consume his meal. Jackson
    examines the "food" for a moment before turning away in disgust*

    Pickett: Why is he eating bugs?

    Gaia: Those are roasted crickets Mr. Pickett. Would you like to try some?

    Pickett: No...No I wouldn't.

    *Gaia lets out a giggle as she suddenly spots the large cardboard box on the floor*

    Gaia: What's in the box?

    Pickett: I don't know...it was left for the Beast.

    *Gaia looks at Jackson for a few moments before turning to face the Red King*

    Gaia: My King...may I open this? *She motions towards the box*

    *The Red King continues to eat his roasted crickets, seemingly ignoring her*

    Gaia: I'm going to take that as a yes.

    *Gaia kneels down and slowly opens up the box. She picks up a small card from
    inside the box and opens it to read*

    Gaia: "A true King needs a real crown and I know you'll look fearsome wearing this.
    Take care and I'll be seeing you very soon. Love...the Lady on the edge of your memories."

    *Gaia looks confused for a moment before turning to face Jackson*

    Mr. Pickett...did you by any chance see who left this here tonight?

    Pickett: No. The ringside staff gave it to me to pass on to the Beast. I was working
    when it was delivered.

    *Gaia nods slowly as she turns around to face her King, only to now find him standing
    fully upright next to her. He leans down and starts sniffing the card she is holding. Gaia
    holds it up to nose and notices the fragrance.

    It smells of Strawberries*

    Pickett: It clearly has his attention...he's standing up straight.

    *The Red King growls at Pickett once again before squatting down to look inside the box.
    He slowly removes some packing peanuts before finally spotting what looks like a sharp
    piece of bone. The Red King grabs the bone and pulls out his "gift" sending packing
    peanuts flying everywhere*

    Pickett: What the hell?

    *In his hand the Red King now hold a large modified moose skull with the antlers still
    attached. The jaw bones are set in place and it looks like it could be worn by a human.
    The Red King stares at it as Gaia speaks...her voice carrying a slight hint of revulsion*

    Gaia: That is...an interesting gift.

    Pickett: I'll say. That's the wildest present I've ever seen. Try it on Big Guy.

    *Gaia glares daggers at Jackson as the Red King carefully slides the "Moose Skull
    Crown" onto his head. It fits perfectly allowing for a full range of motion and fully
    exposing his ears*


    Pickett: Well look at that...seems they come in your size. A perfect fit.

    *The Red King grins and lets out a few cheerful, ape-like barks before Gaia
    speaks up*

    Gaia: My King...do you really think you should wear the bones of your dead
    followers? Someone who fights for the animal kingdom should not decorate
    themselves in animal bones.

    *The Red King looks at her for a moment, a strangely "human-like" expression
    on his face showing slight confusion which quickly turns to a look of anger. The
    Red King snarls at Gaia as he rips off the ice bags she had earlier taped to his
    body. The beast of a man picks up his container of crickets off the floor and slowly
    gorilla-walks out of the locker room, leaving Gaia and Jackson Pickett alone in
    silence. A few awkward moments pass before Jackson finally speaks*

    Pickett: I guess he will be wearing his new crown after all.

    Gaia: Mr. Pickett...the next time someone delivers a gift for...my King...please do
    me a favor and throw it away.

    *Jackson walks towards the door before stopping to speak one last time before
    he leaves*

    Pickett: If the King is given a gift...I will be making sure he gets it. He may act
    like an animal...but he is a man...and every man deserves to know that his efforts
    are appreciated.

    *And with that Jackson Pickett walks out leaving Gaia alone in the empty locker
    room which now strongly smells of strawberries*


    *We now cut to outside the venue where we are about to meet two very interesting women.

    Zoe walks across the arena car park towards the white limousine her employer had
    hired, listening to the groups of RWK fans engaged in heated discussions about the
    show they had just witnessed. She didn't really understand the appeal of wrestling
    herself...but she did enjoy the show tonight...as violent and over-the-top as it was.

    She understood why her employer was here and what her goal was and she was
    being paid to help her achieve her that goal...its just she felt more comfortable in a
    boardroom meeting than in a crowd at a wrestling event.

    She reaches the limo and scans her surrounding to make sure she hasn't been
    followed before entering the vehicle.

    She quickly takes a seat opposite her employer who stares at her with white, ice cold
    eyes. The conversation begins immediately...her employers voice sounding powerful &
    direct thanks to her strong German accent*

    The White Queen: So...how did it go?

    Zoe: Excellent. I delivered the package to the ringside staff just as you ordered.

    The White Queen: Good. I wish I could see his face when he opens it.

    Zoe: Something tells me the French girl wouldn't even let you in the same room as him.

    The White Queen: That doesn't matter. If she ever gets in my way...I'll break her pretty little

    *Zoe nods before speaking to the driver*

    Zoe: Take us to the airport...we have a flight to catch.

    *The limo begins to slowly pull out of the car park*

    Zoe: So...when do you intend to actually make contact with him?

    The White Queen:
    Timing is everything Zoe...and I don't intend to rush into this without
    having a plan in place first. The next RWK event is in Canada and we will be there to do
    some simple scouting. I want to do this properly...and the Grand Coronation in November
    will be the biggest stage this promotion can provide. We will keep our distance till October...
    Path to Destiny will be the perfect time to strike.

    The Red King will be freed...even if I have to do it personally.

    Zoe: You don't actually intend to compete do you?

    *Her employer lets out a slightly unnerving laugh for a few moments before she answers*

    The White Queen: Of course I do. I will first tame...and then free the beast myself. He was
    a great man...and I intend to help him remember just who he is...and how important he is to me.

    Zoe: Do you really think Mr. Reed will allow you to compete in his promotion?

    The White Queen: I'm sure he will if I offer to pay him for that right. He has more
    important performers to worry about...and I can't see the Red King winning any titles.
    He's too unpredictable...and I doubt Mr. Reed would want some...animal...carrying
    around any of his precious gold belts.

    *Zoe nods in agreement as she to looks out the tinted window at the streets of Glasgow*

    Zoe: Do you really think he wants to be freed? Do you really think he wants to remember
    his old life?

    *There is long pause between the two women before the White Queen answers...her
    voice dripping with malice and restrained anger*

    The White Queen:
    I don't care what he wants. Its about what I want...and as God as
    my witness...he will remember who he really is.

    *Zoe bows her head slightly*

    Zoe: I apologize...I'm just concerned...for the both of you. He may-be be damaged...
    beyond repair. His body is strong...but his mind may-be completely lost.

    The White Queen:
    Well...we won't truly know until I confront him personally.

    *Zoe simply nods again in reply before her employer speaks to her again...this time
    her voice soft and gentle*

    The White Queen: Do you think he will like the gift?

    Zoe: I'm sure he'll be wearing it in Toronto.

    *The White Queen lets out a sigh as she relaxes slightly, leaning back in her seat*

    The White Queen: We should get front row seats for the Toronto show.

    Zoe: I'll see to it.

    The White Queen: Thank you Zoe.

    *And with that the limo rolls on as the scene then slowly fades to white*

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