Crimson & Gunner As a Team, Would It Work?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Mar 9, 2013.

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  1. I mean, they're not on TV for quite some time. Crimson's been in OVW and Gunner lurking around here and there. Recently well.... They've been tweeting something about them being tag team to Dixie and similar stuff and been tagging as of late on some very indy shows. And they were both in army and have a lots of similarities.


    Thoughs on would this Team Generals work with these beards?
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  2. It's better than what they're doing now and another team would be a nice introduction plus them being vets could allow them to be faces on the main roster to even things up a bit since Bad Influence and RR & AA are heels.
  3. No babyfaces, please. Crimson sucks as a face, but is GREAT as a heel. Gunner is also helluva muscle type brawler, so no aswell.

    Heels only.:obama:
  4. The tag division sadly would be too heel heavy then IMO, you'd only have Taco Libre as the faces wouldn't you?
  5. Nachotastic is the only face team right now yes. All other TNA tag teams are heels.
  6. My division:

    Heels - Chavo & Shawn, Crimson & Gunner, Daniels & Kaz

    Tweeners - Aries & Roode

    Faces - Rubix & Lince Dorado, King Mo & Samoa Joe

    And I wouldn't keep Aries, Roode, Daniels and Kaz in the tag scene all the time, they'd be chasing the TV and X titles here and there.
  7. They'll just throw another random couple of single guys together anyway. Joe and Magnus can always re-form.

    Tag team I'm definitely down with, those two have been underused for WAY too long.
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  8. Joegnus have great chemistry tbf, I'm not against that. Also Hardy should team with some young face, unsure who currently to try and get them over he's gotta drop the title in the next few months and shouldn't be left in the ME for an extended period of time.
  9. There aren't that many faces either in TNA to be fair. I count Eric Young, Magnus, Joe, Angle, Ray, Spud and Terry at the moment. Discounting Sting for being old, Chavo and Hernandez for sucking eggs and AJ for being written off TV.
  10. Hmmm who's a talented young face they could turn? I still think they've missed the boat by splitting the Robbie's rather than doing this against angle, the comedy the could have produced would have been great. YOu missed Park also but he's old so wouldn't fit the Hardy mould. Is Sabin back yet? Him and Hardy could be gold, also damn the Bucks are tied up aren't they? They would have been my picks.
  11. Sabin is gone for at least another six months. He tore the ACL and MSL in his "healthy" knee if I remember correctly, only a couple of weeks after returning from the exact same injury.
  12. Damn it, Shelley wouldn't come back as he's too happy in Japan, Machine Gun is happy there too other wise he'd be a good fit, randomly turning Kenny King or Zema Ion? It's illogical but they do need more faces or Hogan could buts out the old trunks again :brother:
  13. Would much prefer him to have a singles run.
  14. They have some kids in OVW but question is if they are ready. Forgot about Christian York because he just disappeared from TV for like 2 months.
  15. Hardy's better suited teaming with a young high flyer, but they need all the X-Division people they can get right now.
    York and Hardy are the same age so that's hardly putting over a young face.
  16. Possibly try and sign Richotech to team with Jeff or bring back Jack Evans or Amazing Red (not even sure if he's still wrestling any more even) both those guys whilst not madly young fit the high flying fix at least and could set up an easy turn for someone else later down the line.
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  17. Please not Ricochet. Don't do this to me seabs.
  18. Why can't I spell his bloody name but yeah I want him now just to annoy you.
  19. Despite TNA being the home of the X-Division I don't see Ricochet fitting with TNA. He's a Japan guy.
  20. I honestly see him fitting in anywhere he's allowed to fly.
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