Crimson Talks TNA Release and OVW

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  1. Former TNA wrestler Crimson, who was released last month amongst a host of other talents, was a guest on Pancakes and Powerslams. Here are some key points regarding the interview:

    The transition from TNA to OVW
    “It was an easy transition. Prior to OVW I sat at home for a couple of months. I made the call to Al Snow and said can you use me in OVW, and he said sure. It was a double-edged sword. I loved working with Al. At the same time there was a lot of frustration staying at home. What it did was allow me to sit back and work on more character development. I heard nothing but great feedback. The hopes were to get that [military] character on TV.”

    The details regarding his release
    “Word was going around that they were ready to clean house. I didn’t expect to be released. I was hoping that they would have enough faith in the investment they’ve made the past three years. I got a call from Al Snow. Once I had him on the phone I kinda knew what it was. I wasn’t too upset. We leveled with each other and that was it.”

    The reason behind his departure
    “The way I was explained it was more budget than anything. Going on the road is a big expense for TNA. They had to do a restructure and some of that talent who were sitting home making money had to be let go. All I know is they are using budget cuts as the reason. Other than that, I don’t know.”
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