Cristiano Ronaldo's contract news

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Roi, Jun 6, 2013.

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    Crayo You arent going to have him back bitch
  2. All this report says is that Real Madrid HAVE to grossly overpay to keep him, lose advertisement rights (and a lot more money), and have no power at all to force his hand. If anything, the fact Ronaldo hasn't signed yet is a sign that he is going. You shot yourself in the foot with this thread mate.
  3. "The player is pointing out contracts held by other players. His has become very old-hat, especially after seeing that Los Blancos were prepared to pay Neymar €11 million and a 70% share in advertising takings."

    AKA he doesn't feel he's being treat equally and wants to move away.

    Good thread mate.
  5. Yeah nice source lol
  6. Also, he's not going to say "he's going to leave" or "he wants to leave" giving that he has to please Real fans at the moment. He would only announce it if he confirmed a signing like Bale or something. Accept it Rodrigo.
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  7. Meltzer > Rodrigo
  8. I'm Gohan..

    Anyways. Next time I post something relationated with ronaldo, it will be his life long term contract with Madrid.
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  9. Which means Rodrigo will never post a Ronaldo thread again.
  10. I'm betting you $50,000 forum cash that Ronaldo leaves Madrid this summer.

    If you win, you get $50k.
    If I win, you write 'I know nothing about football' down your arm/leg/wherever and take a picture and post it on the forum.
  11. Took a screenshot of that.

    Jonathan could you make a bet on this?
  12. I don't think it's certain he'll leave, but I think him putting up his house for sale, and his numerous outbursts in the past are big hints he isn't happy.
  13. Yep.
  14. My dignity for Fake cash? I'm in.
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  15. Well this seems like a win/win bet. Since I have nothing to lose on if he stays or goes. This bet is about a lifetime deal. I have a hard time seeing a man who obviously doesn't want to stay (multiple public outbursts, putting his house up for sale, being critical of the club overall) signing lifetime with a club he doesn't want to be in.

  17. I'll throw all my forum cash in on this as well. Note this. The terms set when you wanted to make the bet is that Ronaldo signs a LIFETIME DEAL. Just resigning for 3-5 years is not a lifetime deal.
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  18. It basically is. He's like 28/29 now. Five years is more or less a lifetime deal dude.
  19. You don't have $50k
  20. I'm willing to bet he stays at Real this year, the reason? You're all marks being worked for a heel turn.
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