Crowd getting behind Ryback

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  1. Fans were chanting "Finish him" and "Feed him more" as well as "Ryback, Ryback" chants. That's pretty awesome that he can get over just by owning jobbers who everyone knows are going to lose. #Ryback4Life
  2. Ryback is awesome. Very happy to know that he's being accepted by the crowds even though they're only booking him against jobbers. He's going to be big. :gusta:
  3. Pretty cool he's starting to get over with the fans, I've never really been a big fan of him but hopefully he can change my opinion.
  4. Yes, just like Goldberg. Is there any chances these chants are piped in at the moment?
  5. Yeah, but they're being edited out :sad:
  6. No you saw them in the background chanting him. He's not a Goldberg clone, he's much better to watch.
  7. ¬.¬ not sure if people chanting... or just edited in

    I f****ing love Ryback :emoji_grin: it's the best part of smackdown for me.
  8. I was suprised to hear only cheers when he hit the double spear. Great move, still it reinforces the joke. I just want him to be done with local college rival pair and move onto the roster. Tensai and Brodus have both lost, he is alone in his winning for now and has plenty of talent to do work on. I'm tired of seeing him not even take a hit, i know i'm not alone in that opinion. He is one of the few superstars i can actually see being kicked in the face and getting up from, like the kane and taker years ago used to do so well. JMO.

    I just want to say i dont like the Goldberg chants much at all, it was funny once or twice, but it's not like it wasnt done before Goldberg, and it isn't ruined now. We will see another SCSA, HBK (Joey Ryan imo could do it) and plenty of other huge stars recreated over and over again.
  9. no !! local jobbers forever!!!
  10. Brodus is still undefeated Aids.
  11. big show beat him
  12. If Brodus and Ryback went into a feud both being face, who do you think would end up turning heel? I want a Ryback face :L he is cute and cuddly.
  13. No he didn't. The match never started.
  14. But he buried him. He could take on Brodus/Truth/Kofi in a 3 on 1 handicap match now.


  15. Brodus lost to Christian on Smackdown when he was ADR's lackey :true:
  16. Word on Dolph giving me the technical W. Yeah i get the match never started, but he got the beating that gave him an atleast somewhat serious turn.
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