Crowd Reaction hurting Roman Reigns?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Jan 6, 2015.

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  1. Honestly I was going to mention this the second show after he came back because I noticed it a bit more.. it seems to me that the crowd is just not giving Reigns the reception that the WWE would like him to receive..

    Now in perusing articles in regards to the WWE I found one that happened to bring up exactly what I was thinking about..

    There's no doubt about it that Roman definitely has the necessary tools to be a superstar for the WWE.. but with the lack of reaction from the crowd one must ponder if the WWE will really go through with the plans they've had for Reigns to win the Rumble and go on to headline Wrestlemania.

    Now I gotta ask.. do you feel that the lack of crowd reaction, should it continue be the cause of downfall of those current plans? Personally I gotta say that it's a bit of a toss up at this moment.. I still have Reigns as the favorite but I mean this isn't really the first time the WWE has altered their plans based off of how crowds have been reacting.
  2. He got absolutely no pop at all last night, which was sort of sad for him. I would say it was because of the crowd but they were popping hugely for Ambrose and Ryback (with scattered chants and cheers and what not for a few others like the Authority, Paige and others; and of course Rollins boos).

    He's definitely not connecting with the crowd the way a main eventer should or the WWE wants him too, I hope they take this a sign and pull him back and let him grow naturally and get over with the crowd naturally.
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    Nah, the New Day didn't get any pops last night. Not Roman, though.

    I say wait another year and push him for WM 32. Let him grow more as an in-ring performer and mic worker. Plus, let him be even more over with the crowd by defeating Rusev at Mania.
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  4. I don't think it's just Roman Reigns. I think that today's crowds in general just suck.
  5. Yeah, but the best crowd by far was on RAW, post-WM 29. They were the GOAT. The UK crowd are awesome, too.
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  6. Nah, post-WM 28 was the best. That's the one Lesnar returned.
  7. I was thinking except for maybe last week's crowd, but I think they only really went crazy for Edge and Christian and when Daniel Bryan said he would be in the Rumble
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  8. Not saying they weren't great, I just prefer post-WM 29. To each his own, though.

    Anyways, that was a cool moment. The place went crazy when Lesnar returned and laid Cena out with an F-5. Good times.
  9. True, personal preference. Like Fandango chants, Ziggler cash in and Ryback heel turn happened post mania 29?
    WM 28 was Tensai debut, Lesnar return, start of the YES! chants. Nothing really beats Lesnar in terms of reactions.
  10. Yeah, it did happen post-WM29.

    Oh, the birth of the YES! chant, loved it.

    Agreed on Lesnar. I don't think Lesnar can ever get booed, no matter what he does. That's just awesome.
  11. I thought I remembered him getting a pop. He normally does.
  12. I hate that attention whoring crowds who chant random shit to hijack shows are considered great crowds these days. Crowds suck in this era of wrestling, period. Last night's crowd was mild for everyone, but somehow Reigns is the problem lol.
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    I mean, they must be chanting random stuff because they're bored... Remember Sheamus vs Orton at post-WM 29 Raw episode? They were all chanting 'End this match' and rightfully so, but everyone was marking for Ziggler when he was about to cash in, the place exploded. Everyone enjoys something new and fresh and they just couldn't help but love Ziggler was finally getting what he deserved.

    Yeah, WWE crowds are usually meh. There's only a handful of times you can say where they weren't lame. But, as far as NXT goes, I'm cool with 'em. I'll take indy-circuit crowds over RAW/SD any day of the week.

    As far as Reigns goes... Hopefully they'll let Reigns put the Big Slow out of his misery before the Rumble.
  14. Could have been a casual crowd or whatever. I never watched, did Cena get a loud pop l? Some crowds just don't like the wrestlers unless they are main eventing.
  15. It wasn't just last night's show, apparently it's been like that for house shows too.. idk I think he's alright still I just hope the crowds step it up a notch.
  16. Out of all the problems with Reigns connecting with the crowd I'd say is one of his strengths.
  17. Never been to a house show but i imagine the crowds are always lame. These "fans" who buy tickets can't even get excited for a live Raw, I doubt they are getting hyphy for a fucking house show. Maybe if Reigns comes up with a stupid repetitive chant the crowd will jump on board.
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  18. I've been to both Raw and a house show. IMO the house show was way better since they don't spend all the time doing shitty segments. The crowd was also great- but maybe that was just because it was in Japan and they don't appear to have any asshole 'smart' fans.
  19. The crowd sucks because WWE sucks #captainobvious

    Really though, can you really blame the crowds? What's there to get excited for.
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  20. I was strictly talking about American crowds, really. International crowds will always be better because they get fewer opportunities to go to the shows, whereas in the US the WWE probably rolls through most areas 3-4 times a year
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