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  1. Ok I kno RAW is live but im presuming they have a ten second or so delay incase things go wrong. Now im not saying often but watching RAW i swear it looks like they pump crowd noise in on entrances like on SD. Not in matches but the entrances as this would be easy to do on a slight delay. Whereas in match noises would be difficult due to timing. Might just be me since im bored.
  2. They're probably added in to the theme songs.
  3. RAW is actually live, and there is no delay. RAW has no crowd edits (unless they're in themes), and most of the time the reactions are legit. If they were to somehow try and trick us, I would expect to hear noise when Sheamus enters, but all I hear is sighing and the crickets chirping.
  4. Was a wonderment as i kno most live shows have time delay of approx ten seconds in case something goes hugely pete tong. Just seems watching monday now that some reactions with the crowd footage didnt fit and had me questioning.
  5. It was a weird ass crowd to be honest. Some parts of it made me think they were smarky, but they were making no noise, and it killed many segments. It was like they were forced to be there at some parts, but at others they would make noise randomly.
  6. Yeah messed up crowd. Can never understand why if ur there and want to be u wouldnt be as vocal as u can be. Thats half the fun.
  7. Need more UK shows :otunga:
  8. Drunk UK fans lmao.
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