Cruiserweight championship over US title

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  1. yes/no
    if you say no go fuck yourself :finger:
  2. Good things for the Cruiserweight title:

    -Something for the guys like Gabriel and Hunico to do besides be in random fodder on Superstars.
    -A consistent cruiserweight presence on the show.

    Good things about the US Title:

    Cruiserweight title wins.
  3. It would probably be a benefit, because if there was a Cruiserweight title, they would have to do a cruiserweight division, which would have it's own dedicated time every week with fast-paced high-flying matches, which would be awesome. Since the US title was booked into... where it is today, yeah, the Cruiserweight title would be nice. If booked correctly of course, if they're just going to do the same they did to the US title I don't care.
  4. No this
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  5. There's a reason the Cruiserweight Title no longer exists today... Because the cruiserweight division never really got over much in WWE, and it likely wouldn't if you brought it back today. Also, with guys like Daniel Bryan and Rey Mysterio either winning world titles or otherwise competing for them, it shows you can win major titles even outside of your own weight division (that would include IC and US belts) so I say No.
  6. I've never understood that article. Even in modern WWE talented cruiserweights get over really fast. Sin Cara for example.
  7. Casuals like watching high flyers more because they do all these flips and jumps and make everything look amazing. That attracts people, and they want them to be the center of attention for people will pay to see them.
  8. If you look at my Sig you know my answer

    Give me the Cruiserweight title every time.
  9. People enjoy watching little guys do flippy-doos and whatever.
  10. Yes! i think it was gregory helms (Hated him as hurricane though) who dominated the division and it was good. Yeah sure i would like to see the likes of gabriel and kidd going for cruiserweight, and make the IC cross brand so the likes of Kofi, Ryder, Rhodes can all compete as midcard.
    Any one agree?
  11. I loved the cruiserweight division back in the days, always high-flying action non stop, so hell yeah:win:
  12. Cruiserweight Ttile been not a title since 2007!? WTF ARE U TALKING!
  13. Swapping out one meaningless belt for another meaningless belt but with a weight limit.

    Sure, why not. Won't happen though
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