Cruiserweight division just for SmackDown?

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  1. Would you want this? I see stars like Hunico, Cara, Bourne, Kidd etc doing nothing. They could be huge. The division would be an instant success in my opinion. I'd restrict it maybe for SmackDown only, saves the pointless matches.

  2. Pro's
    • Great matches
    • Gives alot of people something to do.

    • Can limit guys to solely being CW's.
    • WWE can't book the division's they have currently.
    • Prestige of some current titles in down. How would they have this one be any different?

    I'm in favor of it now providing they get given time to work.
  3. Good idea for WWE to do something like that considering TNA have the x-division which is quite popular
  4. Disagree with it limiting guys, I think it can help. Stepping up from a lower division and being the underdog in a title match can get you over big time.

    Agree with WWE not being able to book. If they book it as another division sort of it doesn't need to be the lowest title prestige.

    Yeah, TNA's X-Division is the main reason I watch TNA atm.
  5. That would be a great idea but with Smackdown already serving as a show for cruiserweights to wrestle in the beginning. The main thing is that Smackdown serves as a show for improvement. It's like the place you go after FCW if you're really good. For example, ADR.
  6. Maybe, I still think Superstars (most pointless show in the world) should be used for that purpose, or NXT (another pointless show). SD and RAW should be the live shows. If they're going to continue to have this brand split, at least make it competitive. Things are slowly improving on SD, I mean ratings have gone up thanks to Henry & Bryan recently.
  7. Exactly I say they should scratch the whole supershow thing. It takes tv time away from other creative feuds that could be built but then again. Who else is worthy on raw so far? Thats the reason why theres the Raw Supershow
  8. The only reason they're not worthy is because the mid-card is in shambles, there's no diva division or tag-team division. If those three were revived, RAW is fine again. Takes no effort at all to revamp all three.
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  9. Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel, Hunico, Kofi Kingston, Sin Cara, Trent Baretta, Yoshi Tatsu, even Rey Mysterio and Daniel Bryan can jump in when they have nothing else to do, could all form a division, have 4-star matches twice a week, and be a real asset to the company instead of rotting away on Superstars.

    The problem is, Vince and his reckless stupidity will put the belt on Hornswoggle again.
  10. So true. They could also raid RoH and others for some epic cruiser-weight talents. They have the resources to make it better than TNA's.
  11. The most badass storyline ever would be TNA trying to invade WWE and after a big feud, TNA goes back to being lame with good views and WWE gains more followers from TNA.
  12. TNA invasion story-line would only happen if WWE bought TNA lol. Otherwise it'd just advertise TNA to every WWE fan :wink:
  13. I like cruisers, but Vince/HHH do not

    Me like Cruisers <<< Vince/HHH hates cruisers

    Unfortunately, they would be buried. It would take a Paul Heyman to bring back it back, properly
  15. Cruiserweight is needed WWE are wasting talents that could be in a curiserweight division and it doesn't have to be a plateau can build guys to future heights and ppl who cant get there can build them so they are still a merch proposition and fans want to see them improves a lot!

    As someone mentioned X-Division in TNA is huge plus early days it had AJ Styles and J lethal so it shows ppl can come from the lighter weight and still make an impact!

    Why not have lighter weights boxing does and that's a sport becoming faker than the WWE ever could be!
  16. I don't see why the hell not.

    Look at the current wrestlers who aren't being used, most if not all are cruiserweights.

    Now look at Smackdowns usual match card, atleast one filler match. Why not use that filler match for a cruiserweight match?
  17. Because Vince is a senile fool who has no idea what the fans want. He's a genius for what he's done for the industry but he thinks he knows better then the "universe" he supposedly loves.
  18. "universe"

    This I'm a fan sorry!
  19. And thus the hypocrisy of Mr. Mcmahon.
  20. Smackdown does need the Cruserweight title back.
    It would be interesting to see the lower midcarders atleast having something interesting to compete for instead of just battling pointless matches. I would rather see guys like Kofi and Evan Bourne in cruserweight matches than battling for the tag team champion, Having lower midcards battle for tag team totally degrades the legendery TT title.

    And about it limiting guys solely for CWs, do u really see guys like Hunico and Kingston and Santino and etc fighting for any other titles? I certainly dont. The cruserweight title was very entertaining when we had lower midcard guys like Jimmy Noble and Funaki and etc battling for them. WWE knows these wrestlers are just as good as the CW title, they would never be main event or upper midcard wrestlers, so instead of wasting them away, make the CW title have some good High Flying matches, some CW battle Royals etc, should be good for the show and the lower classed wrestlers. WWE killed the CW title the moment they made Hornswoggle win it and turned it into a joke.