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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lady Deathbane, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. So, I was thinking about the title just now. Just wanted to know how you guys feel about it and how much of a possibility of it coming back.

    Also, if it ever comes back, do you think it would be a good idea for Divas to participate in it?
  2. Would love it back. Not sure it would happen though. An honestly no issues with Divas challenging for it if they were good enough.
  3. I'm just imagining, like, AJ with the title and it would just be so bad-ass.
  4. As long as the Divas were portrayed as strong wrestlers and had ability it'd be fine. Only way it would backfire is if the Divas were weak characters and wrestlers going over men as it could finish the men. The women would need to be portrayed in the Lita, Trish and Chyna mould.
  5. It needs to come back. There are so many "small" guys with a lot of potential (Hunico, Sin Cara, Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel etc) and this would be a great way to get them on TV. The matches would be extremely entertaining too.
  6. Blah, if that's so then I don't think it would be a possibility. None of the small Divas have the toughness and ferocity those past Divas had. :sad1:
  7. If a woman were to hold it they would have to be superb. I can't honestly hope seeing AJ win that championship, the only women so far I could take serious with that belt are Kaitlyn and Natalya. I kinda want the Light Heavyweight championship back though, it had such a short history it would be nice to increase it more and bring more prestige to it and whatnot.
  8. It most certainly does, divas participating or not. I'm tired of all these long-time jobbers, they need to have their time at some point.
  9. I agree but they could easily get some Divas who can kick some bottom. I mean Natalya is one who could be built up that way easily.

  11. I was going to mention her and Tamina possibly making it, but they're not exactly small, lol.
  12. Was gonna mention Paige @[deth] but I aint shut up bout her recently lmao so left it to someone else but yes she would be perfect.
  13. Lol very true.
  14. :shock:

    They need to get her right away! She's the exact woman who could possibly shake up the whole Divas division. I've been waiting for another ferocious Diva to take the ring. These girly-girl gimmicks are barely cutting it for me.
  15. She'll be in WWE soon enough, and she's only like 20 so she'll have a very long and successful career. Her gimmick is perfect too
  16. She's awesome and one of the most exciting Divas for awhile. Just hope WWE dont tone her down too much as mentioned we dont need anymore girly girls.
  17. "I'm not here to be a diva, I'm here to be a fighter."


    I actually pictured in my mind some new female talent saying that they're "not a diva" and refuse to be called as such. I can't wait to see her!

    ...I should probably watch NXT. :sad1:
  18. I don't think they'll book Paige into being a regular girly diva. But then again, character development is hard when you're a WWE Diva. Let's see.
  19. I want the title back, but x the divas completely in the division.

    I don't want them to use the title as an excuse to fill the division full of people who should not really be there, instead of actually being used in the DIVAS division like they should be.
  20. I don't think it'll come back, but they do have a solid set of wrestlers who could compete for it. Sin Cara, Kidd, Beretta, Hunico, Kofi, Bourne, Gabriel and i'm sure there's more i'm missing. In fact I think it would be a good idea for them to bring it back, so that these small guys have something to do other than job to brodus clay.
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