Curb Your Enthusiasm thread

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Extraterrestrial, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. Post videos and discuss the show here.
    If you haven't watched the show before, WATCH IT NOW.
  2. Fuck. This show cracks me up so much.

    @"Senhor Perfect"

    Get your asses in here.
  3. Leon is a dope boy.

    I would post a clip if my computer had not just ate shit. The scene where the doctor thinks Leon hit Larry is hilarious.

    "No... I tripped"
  4. Fucking fantastic show.

  5. decent CYE tumblr blog -
  6. Are we really the only ones who watch this show? Wtf. Whys everyone so gay and false.
  7. Justin Bieber?
  8. Yea more people need to give Curb a chance. More likely than not you will get hooked
  9. Susie's daughter is a babe
  10. Agreed, though I'm not so sure people would "understand" the humpr (inb4hipster) since it's not so straight forward and stupid (ie family guy).
  11. Yea some kids need laugh tracks or fart jokes to know something is supposed to be funny
  12. I appreciate all types of humour. Love Curb and Family Guy.
  13. Family Guy was pretty funny YEARS ago. Total fucking shit now. imo
  14. Family Guy is cringeworthy
  15. Quagmire gets me every time. Surprised you're not a fan of his deth.
  16. How many episodes does this show have? Might give it a watch if I have the time.
    Also, Family Guy was never funny.
  17. Liked Family Guy for about a season but think it's boring now. South Park is much better imo.
  18. 8 seasons with about 10 episodes each. Most of the episodes are only about 30 minutes long.
    You can probably get through all the episodes in about a week (if not less), depending on how much free time you have
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