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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. So I was watching the rest of RAW on Dailymotion as I fell asleep last night. I was on the main event, and I was about 1 minute in to Heyman/Vince and was crossing my fingers that Heyman wasn't going to get fired. So I hovered my cursor over the thing that lets you skip parts (wow, I have no idea what that's called now) because I wanted to see the end and Dailymotion gives you like a small square view of what's happening at that part. So yeah, long story short, I saw Lesnar on the preview :why:

    Oh well, it was still awesome to see. How did you guys enjoy Lesnar's return? Does it piss you off that he is just going to be used so HHH gets his feed of yearly burial?
  2. Lmao the amount of times I've done that is unreal, I always regret it afterwards :upset:
  3. Lmao, dailymotion pwned your ass
  4. Read the result before I watched it but still marked out :sad:
  5. It was worth it to stay up for me.
  6. That was a good Raw. I believed Lesnar to comeback that's how I stayed awake during the show.
  7. His return was very intense! I loved Lesnar's return and it happened in a big way.
  8. It happened with me before and it's terrible lol.

    Anyway, yes it does piss me off that he is going to be buried by HHH, especially that now Brock has signed another 2 years extension, and him taking another loss will damage his character big time.

    1-2 record doesn't scare anyone.
  9. Was awesome, I called his return and loved to watch it, marked out.
  10. My God....your sig man....that troll face of his :facepalm: :upset:
  11. You love it really [​IMG]
  12. How can he do that?
    I can swear he is doing it on purpose? :annoyed:
  13. I always mark for Lesnar.
  14. It was fucking EPIC..

    Marked like a little kid when he came out..
  15. I marked when I heard his music, and I loved seeing him F5 Vince.
    Everything else on Raw was either mediocre or straight up shit.