Current top 10 workers in the WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Rysenberg, Jun 8, 2012.

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  1. Who's currently the best 5 in-ring workers in the WWE at the moment in your opinion? Judged on their technical ability, how they can tell a story and how great their matches are not blurred due to their character or how charismatic they are etc.

    Show Spoiler

    John Cena
    C.M. Punk
    Randy Orton
    The Undertaker
    Triple H
    The Big Show
    Rey Mysterio
    Santino Marella
    The Great Khali
    Kofi Kingston
    Zack Ryder
    Mason Ryan
    Justin Gabriel
    Evan Bourne
    Alex Riley
    Brodus Clay
    Ezekiel Jackson
    Yoshi Tatsu
    Sin Cara
    Jey Uso
    Jimmy Uso
    Tyson Kidd

    Heel Roster
    Brock Lesnar
    Daniel Bryan
    Chris Jericho
    Alberto Del Rio
    The Miz
    Lord Tensai
    Mark Henry
    Cody Rhodes
    Dolph Ziggler
    Jack Swagger
    Wade Barrett
    David Otunga
    Drew McIntyre
    Ted DiBiase Jr.
    Antonio Cesaro
    Darren Young
    Titus O’Neal
    Heath Slater
    Curt Hawkins
    Tyler Reks
    Jinder Mahal

    Babyface Divas:
    Layla El
    Kelly Kelly
    Alicia Fox
    Natalya Neidhart
    Stephanie McMahon

    Heel Divas:
    Beth Phoenix
    Eve Torres
    Rosa Mendes
    The Bella Twins
    Vickie Guerrero

    The Rock
    Husky Harris
    Michael McGillicutty
    Trent Barreta

    Copy +Pasted from a website, only use names from there unless there are some obvious missing ones.


    7.Del Rio

    What's your list?
  2. 1. Bryan
    2. Ziggler

    Thats all my brain can do at the moment :/ i dont pay much attention to their wrestling skills
  3. inb4Sandyspewshateonthisthreadlikeahomo :cole:

    10.Del Rio
  4. Bryan, Zig, Kidd, Hunico, Punk, Jericho, ADR, Rhodes...and i guess last two can be Young and O'neil.
  5. 1-Daniel Bryan
    2-Dolph Ziggler
    4-Tyson Kidd
    5-Chris Jericho
    6-Cody Rhodes
    7-CM Punk
    8-Alberto Del Rio
    10-Randy Orton
  6. Gotta be big show and khali!!!

    They have been working WWE for cash with no skills for years!!!!

    I WISH I could make that kind of money for just being big.

  7. I know a lot of guys from Superstars and NXT are good, but I'll be honest I don't see enough of them to accurately rank them, so they won't be on my list.

    1.) Bryan
    2.) Ziggler
    3.) Jericho
    4.) Christian
    5.) Del Rio
    6.) Rhodes
    7.) Punk
    8.) Kofi (underrated and I'm a fan of his work)
    9.) Cena (watered down by WWE.. still produces a lot of great matches)
    10.) Swagger (come at me. Underrated technical beast)
  8. Let's go -

    1. DBD - Pulled some great matches out with practically everyone
    2. Jericho - only man who pusheS DBD.
    3. Tyson Kidd - Can fly and work his ass off
    4. ADR - Slightly limited due to him being a heel, let him loose and he'll be even more magical.
    5. Punk - Fuck the haters his psychology is gold.
    6. Christian - Still works better then most, just needs a better finisher imo. Should go back to the frog splash.
    7. Cody Rhodes - Still improving.
    8. Curt Hawkins - Been a fan for a while, the heat seeking elbow is a great finisher imo.
    9. Ted Dibiase JR - When given time he's shown he works really well, his match with DB in 2010 were magical.
    10. Tyler Reks - Remove the burning hammer it's a personal gripe taking the name of a legendary move and altering it's main aspect.
  9. Christian has been using the Frog Splash as a finisher recently Seabs.
  10. He has? Haven't bothered watching recently tbh.
  11. Yes, since the Raw after OTL, he hits his opponent with a Killswitch and finishes them off with a Frog Splash.
  12. This would probably be my list, but I'd have Punk in 4th and Ziggler in 3rd (Jericho 2nd)

    Where's Dolph? I agree with everything else :emoji_slight_smile:. Liking the Hawkins and Reks shout.
  13. Shit forgot DZ, throw Ted off a cliff and put him just behind ADR.
  14. Lmao.

    Surprised you put him behind ADR. ADR is an awesome worker though and you've probably seen more of him than I have.
  15. I tend to bum off the guy too much tbh, I just like the style he's got especially how he picks apart the arm for that rolling armbar. It's just so crisp.
  16. Notice that a lot of the lists seem to differ quite a bit, but everybody acknowledges that Danielson is the best in the world.

    Aids O'Neil and Young - as much as I like them - are not very good in-ring workers at all.
  17. I wont disagree, i clearly have the tag team finisher bias. I should have punk/cena/kidd/rhodes but instead ill replace with Hunico and Kofi. Still really into tag team workers over individuals.
  18. For me
    1) D Bryan
    2)C.M Punk
    3) Dolph Ziggler
    4) Christian
    5) Cody Rhodes
    6) Tyson Kidd
    7) Kofi Kingston
    8) Jack Swagger
    9) Kane
    10) Zack Ryder

    The Undertaker should be on the list but because he wrestles so rarely I didn't include him
  19. 1. Ziggler
    2. Bryan
    3. Triple H
    4. Rhodes
    5. Undertaker
    6. Kidd
    7. Kofi
    8. Cena
    9. Riley
    10. Swagger
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