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    90mph winds and hail.... :sad:
  2. *places an American flag on the clothesline and runs off*
  3. It's pretty much the same here minus the hail and it freaking sucks.
  4. Record breaking temp today of 13 degrees Celsius. :yay:
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  5. well here we have snow, ice, and shit weather. Be thankful wherever you are, it could be worse.
  6. It was warm, and sunny here. Sucks for you guys
  7. Freezing as fuck, little bit of snow, about an inch thick I would say.
  8. Wisconsin? Cold with chances of shittier weather in my future.
  9. Cold and rainy.
  10. Dogshit with a side of chickenshitbullshit
  11. Right now it's only 5ºF, and it's a bit windy and very cold. The roads are icy and slippery due to the snow we had the other day. The weather looks like it's going to be about the same for the next few days. :downer:
  12. yeah i shoveled twice two days ago and for that good deed, I now avoid sidewalks.
  13. You know your weather is bullshit when people make joke's about how much worse things will be getting over the course of a week. Im not laughing.
  14. lol i mark for that sig.
  15. Hey, you poor poor bastards dealing with the crappy weather, c'mon down to Florida, and hang out on the beach with yours truly, bro. Weathers fine
  16. When i retire, or marry a woman who already has, i'll hit you up.
  17. I'll keep that in mind, and the invitation's always on the table, bro
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  18. Bro, I'll be done there in two weeks, just wait.

    Right now, warm weather, but as foggy as Silent Hill.
  19. It's currently sixty-seven degrees in December, raining sideways and warm as can be. Totally not used to this.
  20. Are we that bored that we're seriously talking about the weather on this forum?
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