Current WWE Champions and Predictions for the next champions

Discussion in 'Wrestling News Feed' started by Sozzy, Jun 17, 2016.

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  1. This thread will be updated once there are new champions.

    WWE World Heavyweight Champion

    Current: Roman Reigns

    Next: Seth Rollins

    Explanation: I predict Rollins will lose at MITB but will win against Roman and Dean at Summerslam in a triple threat match.

    Intercontinental Champion

    Current: The Miz

    Next: Sami Zayn

    Explanation: I dont see this happening for a couple more months but the next champion will be someone very new from NXT. My second option would be Apollo Crews.

    United States Champion:

    Current: Rusev

    Next: Cesaro

    Explanation: I love Rusev and so do a lot of fans. They need to make the US Title more competitive so having a guy like Cesaro or Rusev would make sense to be a tough competitor to beat for the title.

    Tag Team Champions:

    Current: The New Day

    Next: Anderson and Gallows

    Explanation: Having a monster heel and physical tag team as champions would strengthen the division a lot. I can see them winning the title this Sunday at MITB.

    Womens Champion:

    Current: Charlotte

    Next: Dana Brooke

    Explanation: I see Dana Brooke turning on Charlotte at MITB and winning the title at Battleground. She then can have a feud with Paige/Natalya/Becky but eventually drop the Title to Sasha when she returns.

    NXT Champion:

    Current: Samoa Joe

    Next: Nakamura

    Explanation: This is a hard one for me because Joe just got the title and Nakamura is already becoming a #1 contender. My prediction is Nakamura will lose their first fight but win the gold at their second. If not Nakamura winning it than I see Ausin Aries winning the title.

    NXT Tag Team Champions:

    Current: Revival

    Next: The Authors Of Pain

    Explanation: American Alpha dropped the belts for a main roster debut so they will build up The Authors of Pain to destroy the Revival at Dallas because I think Revival winning the titles was just a placeholder.

    NXT Womens Champion:

    Current: Asuka

    Next: Alexa Bliss

    Explanation: Alexa has been a great women in NXT and in my opinion is the most deserved to conquer Asukas streak. I can see Asukas first loss being in her title defense against Bliss. I can see this happening in 4-6 Months from now and will be an amazing match if it happens.
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