Current WWE roster in a different era

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by ruthless_aggression_era, Jan 18, 2013.

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  1. Lets say we took the current WWE roster and put them in the attitude era or ruthless aggression era. What story lines or feuds would be going on or how would some wrestlers be used. Who would be holders of what titles.How would it be different from now?
  2. I think CM Punk would be better. John Cena would probably be a thug still too. lol
  3. Daniel Bryan would probably have been taken more seriously, as a submission specialist
  4. I don't think anyone in the current roster would have been main eventers. Punk may have been a solid midcarder but even then idk. Even the ''Vanilla Midgets'' back in the day were ripped as fuck, it would be really hard for people to take guys like Punk and Bryan seriously. Cena would probably be in the upper midcard somewhere with his "thug" gimmick., Orton would probably be somewhere in the upper midcard as well.
  5. Re: RE: Current WWE roster in a different era

    Daniel Bryan versus ken shamrock?

    I think that most of them would be left in the dark, but the major guys would adapt and thrive.

    I can picture Sheamus drinking and kicking peoples assess in pubs APA style.

    ~Three Said That~
  6. As far as the attitude era goes
    Dolph Ziggler would have been a jobber for his selling. You see how many superstars he puts oer with his selling now, they would have done the same then except Ziggler wouldn't be pushed into the main event.
    CM Punk wouldn't really make it either in my opinion. He would be to similar to the rebellious Stone Cold Steve Austin and they would have him change his gimmick. I figure Punk would be more likely to be in a tag team with a big guy, as a mouthpiece.
    Just to touch on a few

    I think most of the roster would fit in well with the ruthless aggression era because there was an influx of smaller guys at that time, where as the attitude era had a lot of big guys in the top spots.
  7. Ziggler would be IC champ or a tag champ with Hennig. The perfect show offs or something like that.
  8. That Dwayne Johnson fellow would be a career mid carder in the AE fellas.
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