Current WWE Superstars Added To NXT Roster

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Harley Quinn, Sep 5, 2012.

  2. Hopefully Drew McIntyre will impress.
  3. To clarify. These guys are added to the WWE NXT roster. They do not show up on the official NXT roster
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  4. Thanks for the update Stopspot.
  5. Fair, since they're there they should be on the roster.
  6. WWE is wasting Riley, Drew and Kidd. Also give Gillicutty a gimmick like his father!
  7. quite a bit of talent on there
  8. McGillicutty shouldn't just be a ripoff of his father, that almost never works well.

    There was a discussion in the latest NXT thread to give him a gimmick similar to that of James Storm in TNA. A beer drinking, roughnecked bad ass.
  9. You're welcome.

    Also, Riley needs to turn heel and feud with Rollins. Holy shit that'd be incredible.
  10. I think he could pull that off pretty well to be honest, I like McGillicutty he's very talented and his mic work seems to come along a little better.
  11. Yeah it was you and Rain who came up with it right?

    Riley vs Rollins would be epic but I like Riley so much as a face. He has that look but I cannot deny that his cocky jock gimmick from FCW was absolutely wonderful.
  12. They shouldn't just sit around doing nothing with these guys... They're over 30, time is passing. And yes, I know Sheamus and Del Rio, for example, debuted after they were 30 but what happens? They go from debuting star to main eventer who's shoved down our throats in a few months, and no one likes that. They should stick guys like Hennig and Riley with new gimmicks and start using them on shows already.
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