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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by C.M. Shaddix, Feb 1, 2015.

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  1. I've been browsing the internet this morning and I found a few topics, maybe we can discuss.

    Three Days Grace to release new album "Human" with new singer Matt Walst

    The album should be released sometime in March, around the beginning of last year, former singer Adam Gontier parted ways with the band due to his addictions. Since Matt Walst joined the band released 2 singles, "Painkiller" and "I am Machine". Now these songs aren't as good as when Adam was in the band but it's an okay start, "Human" isn't as expected to be that good as "One-X" was but how will you react to this new album coming out?

    Danny Worsnop leaves Asking Alexandria, focuses more on We are Harlot

    On the 22nd it was announced Danny has parted ways with Asking Alexandria because he believes the band is better off without him. I was upset at first but now if you think about it the band would be better off with a new vocalist. Worsnop will now put all his focus onto his new band, We are Harlot, the band sounds great and suits Danny's voice a lot more. Asking Alexandria is still going to be at Warped Tour 2015 with a new vocalist as told by guitarist Ben Bruce. Will it make the band sound a lot better than it was before (If you guys liked them, there is a lot of hate) and what about Harlot?

    The Offspring releases new single "Coming for You"

    The Offspring is now due for a new album and has released a brand new single entitles "Coming for You" recently. Here is the single:

    Its sounds pretty good, it sounds a little like their old school stuff. Thoughts on the song?

    New Shinedown album this year?

    This is something I have been anticipating personally for the past few months, their last album "Amaryllis" was amazing and went Gold this November, there was talk saying Shinedown was working on a new album and they already have a lot of material from the Amaryllis sessions to work with. Will we finally see a new album?

  2. Looking forward to hearing these artists releasing their stuff in 2K15!

    Steven Wilson - Hand. Cannot. Erase (February 27th)
    RED - Of Beauty And Rage (February 24th)
    Imagine Dragons - Smoke + Mirrors (February 17th)
    Scorpions - Return To Forever (February 20th)
    Falling In Reverse - Just Like You (February 24th)
    Three Days Grace - Human (March 31st)
    All Time Low - Future Hearts (April 3rd)
    Lifehouse - Out Of The Wasteland
    Halestorm - Into The Wild Life
    Hinder - When The Smoke Clears
    Coldplay - A Head Full Of Dreams
    Teenage Time Killer
    Bring Me The Horizon
    Rev Theory (hopefully)
    Adele (hopefully)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers
    My Darkest Days (hopefully)
    Metallica (hopefully)
    Story Of The Year
  3. I'd be excited if I was a 14 y/o scene girl ;3
  4. But, you are not excited b/c you're 13 now? :zayn:
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  5. gottem
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  6. im 13 and excited. hehehe
  7. Just a 13 year old kid, yup.
  8. Red is releasing a new album? I can't count on Metallica, I gave up on them.
  9. Yes, they are.

    I'm actually pumped for Metallica's new record, if it's as good as Death Magnetic which I really liked, then I'll be a happy kid.
  10. Yeah but its taking the band forever, Death Magnetic was amazing, i've been pumped now for so long I just started discovering new music, all they do now is tour
  11. Well, the band must be lacking inspiration since they cannot put a new album every two years... Relax, bro. They've been around for 30+ years.

    The more time they spend writing the new album, the better it's gonna be.
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