Curt Hawkins injured

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Oct 5, 2012.

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  1. Wonder what the new attitude will be....

  2. Face turn. :notsure:
  3. Ryder and Hawkins? :obama:
  4. We all rib him, but he's on Punk's new DVD and he's actually pretty cool.
    He attended Punk's wrestling 'shows' and things, he's actually a cool guy, just he gets presented as a dork.
  5. I don't think many on here rib on Hawkins. He's a bit of an Internet darling and most on here I think wants him to be successful.
  6. That sucks.
  7. Well, I wish him a speedy recovery and a good gimmick when he comes back then.
  8. WWE is fucked without Hawkins
  9. Dafuq is with these people getting surgery when they barely wrestle?
  10. :no: :no: :no:!
  11. OMG what is with all these talents getting injured. Poor Curt I hope he gets back soon
  12. Face turn, new phrase, and maybe he'll have a YouTube show.
  13. It's all them steroids.
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