Curt Hawkins interview.

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  1. Am I the only one who thinks they're missing the boat with him? He's good in ring and on the mic and a feud with Zack essentially writes it's self.
  2. He has to evolve or change his Character if he ever wants to be big.
  3. How can he do that if not given any time with the main stream audience though? Even Ryder had ECW which whilst not huge had a TV deal in the WWE's target audience which neither superstars or NXT has?
  4. Ryder wasn't on T.V either after ECW, so he took matters to his own hands and got big on his own.
  5. Superstars was on TV whilst Ryder was on for the main part I think. I think it ended in April and Zack was featured on raw and Smackdown from that point. How can Hawkins evolve his character if he hasn't even been given any TV team to establish one?
  6. Sorry but he's not good on the mic, he just needs to develop that like Ziggler has. Ziggler used to be diabolical, now he's entertaining. No doubt his in-ring skills are there, and he certainly has the chemistry and history to be in a feud with Ryder. But he either needs a brand new gimmick, or to work on his charisma. Even in that interview, it was sort of cringe-worthy.
  7. I disagree he doesn't have any awkward pauses or anything and doesn't stutter over his words. I personally like his delivery style. Plus he seems to be a witty person with the master splinter line. Admittedly the content was cringe worthy but I found the way he said it to be good. It's similar to the WOO WOO WOO catchphrase Ryder has when anyone else says it I cringe but Zacks delivery and enthusiasm makes it.
  8. No you're right, he's no John Morrison on the mic. But he's not even at Zigglers level, I mean he's speaking the words, but there's no charisma. Looks like he's trying too hard, Ryder's not even good on the mic; but he's got tons of charisma and energy so it works.

    Ziggler used to be like Hawkins is there, wasn't too bad and delivered it okay, but had no charisma and people were just bored. Now he's improving every week. Any other segments for Hawkins I could judge?
  9. Ziggler isn't great on the mic either. He's between decent and good.
  10. His backstage interview on RAW this week, tell me you wasn't impressed with how much he's improved. Also, watch all of ZTLIS lol.

  11. From 1:00.

    It's the facials he pulls as well his actions speak really well for me. He seems to really understand body language.
  12. That is how he portrays himself in ZTLIS , like the mic work is the exact same way as he does on the show. It was alright but he's getting better.
  13. First video impressed me, but I was more impressed with Rex lol. I definitely think he should be used more, in a tag-team with Rex, both good wrestlers and have great chemistry. They remind me of Miz & Morrison back in the ECW days. He's just above average I'd say on the mic, which is better than many of the superstars currently in WWE lmao.

    Second video didn't load for me.
  14. Don't quite know what's happened to that video lol anywere the link is here :

    They do make a really good team and they've had a few matches with Airboom on superstars so hopefully they get a tag match on raw at least.
  15. Lol that last one was quite good, his facial expressions are decent. Like I said, put them on RAW, revitalize the tag-team by giving them more mic time or at least backstage segments before their matches. Most tag-teams can get over just by being themselves in the ring. As for the Uso's, I'd give them crazy-face-paint gimmick :emoji_heart:. They could be special.
  16. Rex and Curt should be a tag team and slowly develop them it might take a year or two, but maybe slowly they could be main event players. For example look at Edge and Christian, and what they accomplished after being a tag team. Let them slowly develop while at the same time letting them establish the tag team division again alongside the other current tag teams.

    No point in only having two or three tag teams. When the tag champions are going to be in a feud for 3 months then drop the title to the next tag team and job them out to the next up and coming team.

    The Uso's give them a crazy Samoan gimmick and like Crayo said some crazy face paint and they could be a great tag team. WWE needs to think wild Samoans from back in the day when they book The Uso's.
  17. Definitely, WWE needs to think wild-gimmicks in general. Most people are fed up with fake-tan with muscles gimmick.
  18. This a bit of color adds alot to the product I'm not saying everyone should be an ultimate warrior but a few for variety would be nice.
  19. Who have we got now with a different gimmick?

    Taker, Kane...



  20. Yoshi Tatsu is a japanese guy with face paint now? That count?