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Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, May 23, 2013.

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    So, those who watched NXT this week or have kept their eyes peeled in backstage segments and battle royals lately have probably seen Curt Hawkins new look as pictured above. His new gimmick/look is inspired by Sons of Anarchy/biker fashion and he goes by the moniker the Prince of Queens (Obviously they couldn't use king because of the TV show King of Queens). Do you think it is an improvement over his previous look and gimmick as the party starter?


    I like both looks for him but I see more potential for him with the new one right now. There are other wrestlers who can do the party starter one anyways. Personally I think they should put Hawkins back with Ryder in a tag team, they are former champs so they would walk in with some instant cred compared to teams like PTP and the Usos, plus they know how to work together. And with Ryder and Hawkins both being from New York and showcasing different sides of it they have a team gimmick and name basically already done. New York's Finest. Both guys would do better in the tag division than anywhere else right now, stagnant as it may be.

    Curt is a solid worker and an okay talker who obviously loves wrestling, wasting him doing nothing is a waste.

    Which look do you prefer on Hawkins?

    What should be done with him?
  2. I'm a fan of the new look, yeah. Personally hope he gets put back with Ryder since it seems like both are really going nowhere so why not.
  3. He's wasted on NXT sadly, the guy is a talented talker and a damn good worker. The new look is pretty decent too, just wish he was the Heyman guy.
  4. I myself have a theory that Heyman should expand his clientele with a tag team. Hawkins and some one more (maybe Ryder or some other underused guy with potential). God knows Paul is good enough as a manager to be able to put focus on all his clients. It could also be a cool thing to see a dastardly manager take some lower card guys and build them up. They don't need to become wwe champs but solid parts of the show.
  5. Honestly that sounds great, having Zack shed the broski shit on TV as Heyman moulds him could be cool.
  6. That's how I was thinking. Let Paul bring guys in under his wing to help the mid card and overall card. Brock on part time, Punk if he remains heel, Curtis and Hawkins and Ryder (in this scenario) would become a good clientele. They don't need to interact that much either. People seem to have forgot that managers back in older days had multiple clients signed to them. Like Jimmy Hart and Harvey Whippelman.
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  7. Sounds great, I'd drop Punk out though letting Axel and The Edgeheads get the majority of the spotlight rather than Punk with Brock as the occasional star.
  8. Yeah Brock will obviously never be full time on the road again with his distaste for the road life, he'd drop in for the big ppvs and still be a single entity.
  9. What about teaming with Ryder and facing Rollins and Reigns after Hell No lose their rematch?
  10. They'd need some more momentum in the division before going for the belt. And a reason to reform the Edgeheads. The Usos seem primed to take on the shield anyway.
  11. Interesting, how would you book it?
  12. I'm a fan of vests and bikers, so yes.
  13. inb4WWErippedofffTNA
  14. How would you book him then?
  15. I'd get KLockard23 to book for me. So ask him. :cole:
  16. But I want to know how you'd book him.
  17. Or if you don't want to book him, what is it about the new look you like / dislike?
  18. They start winning matches, The Shield attack them and looking for revenge they find a third tag partner to face them, they lose and then they face other teams and go win after win, WWE gives them a title match against them at TLC for example and having a tornado TLC tag team match or even a three way tag team TLC tornado match
  19. He has a vest and kind of looks like a biker. :harvey:
  20. The ultimate example of that is Bobby Heenan, who had an entire family of wrestlers (literally called The Bobby Heenan Family) that added up to about ten or more at one point.

    The idea of Heyman taking in more than one new client is a good one but I don't know about the tag team idea. I'm fine with the idea of Heyman picking just one superstar as his "chosen one" and using his mad genius to try to mold a star into a superstar and create a guy he thinks will be the future of the WWE, not just two guys who are gonna be primarily a tag team and nothing more. I guess it would be cool in the sense that Heyman would be covering all facets of the roster - the established beast who is a part timer (Brock Lesnar), the guy he currently sees as the best in the world (CM Punk, though he's almost certainly turning face soon), the guy he wants to help shape into a major player in the future (Curtis Axel), and a tag team that he wants to rule over every other team within that particular division (choose whoever.) That last one's a tricky one though because they would be going after the tag team titles almost immediately and that would put them against Rollins and Reigns, and I don't want Heyman's heels ending up in possible conflict of any kind with The Shield... Unless, of course, he only introduces them after they've dropped the tag titles. I guess nothing says it has to all happen immediately. (Guess it would be cool to see Heyman's chosen tag team be the ones to defeat the big heroes who dethrone The Shield.)

    As for Curt Hawkins, I love the biker dress up. I don't mind the new haircut too much either, but he didn't have to shave his hair. I kinda liked him better with it longer. I'm also not opposed to the idea of him forming a tag team with someone (Ryder or someone else) but I don't want to see him just resurrect an old tag team. If we're making a comparison with Sons Of Anarchy, have it be someone else in a similar get up and have both guys come out and ride motorcycles and stuff. Anything to add another valuable tag team to a division that so desperately needs it.
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