News Curt Hawkins opens a wrestling school

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Mar 14, 2014.

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  1. So Curt Hawkins has opened a wrestling school in Long Island called Create a Pro wrestling academy. Figured it would be some interesting news of a fun topic at least. It's located in Hicksville New York and is run by Hawkins and Pat Buck, co-owner of the Pro wrestling syndicate, so one would assume that students get an extra look from PWS. I think Hawkins will be more of the administrative guy due to the road schedule while Pat is the hands on trainer but seems like a solid training team with good connections.

    The tuitions I found on their site were as follows:
    $300 a month
    $900 for 4 months
    $1500 for 6 months
    $2500 a year
    $5000 lifetime

    So it doesn't seem like that bad a price either

    Their site is

    What do you guys think about WWE wrestler running their own ventures outside of the big E? Booker has his reality of wrestling promotion, Santino has his MMA gym, Kane an insurance company etc.

    Also this might be something worth of note for forum members in the New York area looking to get training (Gohan)
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  2. Good price. 5k for Lifetime is good for people who can't quite grip things in say 2 years (which costs 5k). Lifetime also means you can always go back for more training.
  3. Lifetime also means if the business flounders and goes under within a month after paying the 5k ur shit out of luck so that would kinda suck :emoji_slight_frown:

    But yeah overall if it stays in business those are some good prices.
  4. I might be interested in since I live about and hour away from LI. Depends exactly where it is but I'm definitely interested.
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