Curt Hawkins talks about Zack Ryder's treatment spirit of the locker room

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Red Rain, Aug 31, 2014.

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    Curt Hawkins says that WWE treatment of Zack Ryder 'broke the spirit of the locker room'
    By Sean Rueter

    Myers was asked about the storyline with John Cena, Kane and Eve that Ryder was placed in in early 2012, after fan response to his YouTube show over the previous year forced Creative to use the Long Islander more prominently, and his descent back to undercard status:

    The worst part of that whole thing is that it really kind of broke the spirit of the locker room.

    For years, we were told in all these pep talks that there's a brass ring, you've gotta reach for it and it's there for the taking if you work hard enough and get yourself over. And he did it; he defied the odds and actually does it, and all the boys are rooting for him, like 'Oh wow, this is cool as sh*t. This has never been done before.' He got over without the office, without TV time. It was pretty mind-blowing.

    And then they did just crush it and take it all away from him. To me, I felt the example that set for the rest of the boys was pretty brutal, because then it's like it almost feels hopeless. It's like, you're not going to get pushed unless they pick you to get pushed, and that's kind of it. I thought, above all, that message they sent to the boys was the worst part. They crushed the spirits of a lot of people, like 'Okay, so my hard work here isn't going to pay off, huh?'

    A bit old (from June 26, 2014), but I thought it would be interesting to share given the Ziggler supporters on this site. The main difference between the three men standing the ring the to open Monday night after Survivor Series 2011, was that Bryan and Punk did receive strong singles pushes upon debuting.
  2. I believe it. Thanks for sharing
  3. I wasn't the biggest Ryder fan in the world, but what they did to him in 2012 was pretty shitty. I'm surprised they even let him win the United States Championship for the short period that he did.
  4. I kind of wonder if that event left a mark on Dolph Ziggler to lash out the way he did.
    We could argue all day whether Ryder how successful Ryder may have been. (In reality it doesn't matter, he should have been pushed at the very least)
    I'm not surprised that current talent is considering New Japan these days.
    The talent is paid well enough, but one has to wonder what they have to do to main event these days

    What is the criteria to main event these days? Is it all political?
  5. Well, hopefully with Triple H trying to push younger, upcoming talent, a lot of this political game will end. A lot of WWE is politics, clearly. Perfect example, recently, being the Batista return. We all know he came back and won simply because he's buddy-buddy with Hunter. That's it.

    It seems that you have to kiss a lot of ass and do it non stop. Plus, and not to defend the WWE, we never know if Ryder pissed off the wrong person. You can work really hard, do the right things as far as your character and wrestling is concerend, but if you piss off someone above you...who has some pull, leverage, and buddies with Triple H and Vince, you're probably going to be screwed. That's with any company.
  6. WWE keep dropping the ball with the young superstars and then wonder why they're not over when they don't give them a chance and think that jobbing them out is the best thing to do. Poor Zack Ryder, he got himself over and was over as fuck, in the middle of a massive US title rivalry with Dolph Ziggler. And then not only do they have Ryder be the 3rd wheel in the Cena-Kane story, but Kane buries Ryder completely (blaming creative here) and then have him job out the title to Swagger out of nowhere, who then goes on to job to Santino. 10/10 WWE... fucking idiots. :blackmad:

    So not only did they decide to completely bury and job out Zack Ryder, one of the most over young guys, but they buried young talents' morale, the entire midcard and the US title. Talents like Ryder just have to try and get over with 2-minute long matches on RAW and Smackdown (and occasionally the home of bury, SUPERSTAAAAAARS :ohgod:) and then hope that Vince and creative see something in them like the crowd do... and don't give up on them a month into the push and put them dangerously close into Cena's radius of bury (I never did get why young talents seem to go near him and get buried completely...).

    So yeah, then there's Dolph Ziggler, unfairly blamed for guys like Swagger kicking him in the head in the middle of a massive push. He didn't get the loudest pop of the night when he cashed in his MITB briefcase on ADR because he's a shitlord, WWE. Damien Sandow had the chance to go far with his Intellectual Saviour of the Masses gimmick when he cashed in his own MITB briefcase on Cena and lost, a couple of months later... he's Damien Mizdow. I think that they missed out on a chance to do the Cody-Goldust match at WM30 instead of a pointless battle royal (replace them with other wrestlers, Cesaro gets his win and there we go), seeing as how they then did nothing until the Stardust gimmick came around but I still think they're not capitalizing on their biggest asset; wrestling (not seen RAW... it seemed to not record but I understand now finally they turned heel - what the fuck is that... but yeah). Heck, Cesaro had bags of momentum coming out of WM30 but then they decided to have him drop Heyman randomly when Lesnar came around.

    WWE. :lady:
  7. Man.

    Ryder's push in 2011 was just awesome, IMO.

    Woo Woo Woo You Know It!
  8. Ryder was lucky to get the title at all IMO. So he was a bit popular on youtube, so was the chocolate rain guy. I didn't see sony records signing him to be the next Michael Jackson. He's just not upper mid card talent. He's Miz without the MTV notoriety.
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  9. I guess the fact that the live crowds were chanting for him even when he wasn't there means nothing, then? Watch the opening match of Survivor Series 2011 to see what I mean.
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  10. A couple of marks chant and people tend to join in. If you recall Al snows "head" got a lot of chants even when he wasn't there. I guess they should've put a strap on it too?
  11. They did.

    The Hardcore and US title have the same amount of esteem to them.
  12. I meant the head itself not Al snow.
  13. What? The reason they chanted for "Head" was because it had a better ring to it than "Snow"
  14. :facepalm: ok
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  15. :dafuq:
  16. Big difference. The Attitude Era had arguably the most rabid crowds in history who would literally cheer for just about everything. And the "Head" gimmick was what was over about Al Snow, so you can't really separate them. That's wholly different from Zack Ryder getting some of the biggest reactions on the show in a time of mostly apathetic crowds.

    lol So much bias on your part here, come 'on. It reminds me of people saying Bryan was only over because of the YES chants and saying it was no different than the week or two that people were doing the Fandango before growing bored of it when anyone could see those two couldn't be anymore different.
  17. Bryan was over way before being in wwe and his yes chants for his in ring talent. There's no one in their right mind who'd say Ryder is better than Bryan. Also, obviously I'm biased, it my opinion.
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  18. My point wasn't about comparing Bryan and Ryder as performers, but rather comparing their situations and the convenient excuses people have used before to dismiss them. For what it's worth, Bryan's popularity before performing in WWE is irrelevant seeing as how being over in front of ROH-sized crowds isn't anything like being over in front of WWE-sized crowds. But this is all going a bit off-topic.
  19. Exactly, but this doesn't just happen in WWE... nearly every wrestling industry pulls this shit off, and wrestling has now really lost its edge with all that, you see a guy get pushed, then instant burial.
  20. The reason they chanted 'head' was because it was something everybody wanted and everybody needed.
    Pulling out the Al Snow argument is weak when you break it down. The cat chose a gimmick that any 18-49 year old male would relate to.
    Zack Ryder created his gimmick out of necessity and desperation.
    It was like going to the woodshed at the far end of your property breaking a glass and pulling out a joke that 50% of people in america would outright reject.
    I don't dig Ryder and never have but WWE just make themselves look like freaking Nazi's when they do sh*t like this

    This scene from Family Guy is actually the WWE asking Zack Ryder about his gimmick
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