Hockey Curt Schilling Diagosed with Cancer

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Nero_x3, Feb 5, 2014.

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  1. Shitty news, loved him as a player. Hope he pulls though.
  2. HAHA SUCKS FOR HIM! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. But, ye... good luck, Curt.
  3. you think cancer is funny? pray it never happens to you.
  4. He always seemed like a self absorbed. douchebag to me, but still never cool to hear about this.
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  5. Curt and Randy against the yanks was one of the best W.S. ever for me. Then, that bloody sock(Shibby!). What a straight bad ass, hopefully he gets through this stuff ight.
  6. Yeah, I remember that. I miss watching baseball :downer:

    Sucks to hear this. RIP CURT
  7. Season starts in 6 weeks. Perfect time to get back into it
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  8. And let's see how my Phillies will do this time.
  9. Phillies fan eh?

    Mets fan here, we will have a ton of games this year to talk baseball.
  10. Just wait for next year's football season. Eagles fan here, along with Flyers. As for baseball, my Phillies better be damn good.
  11. Hell yeah, hopefully my Giants put up a better season. Not a basketball fan I take it?
  12. I've never liked basketball because it's always about a certain group of players or a certain player and that's all you hear about all season. It's such a boring sport too that doesn't really take skill, and no one in it can take a hit FFS. My most favorite sport easily is hockey, but I'm also a big fan of baseball and football (american).
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  13. Never really heard of him for his baseball carer, still bad to hear that he has cancer.
  14. I thought he was diagnosed a while back. Still shitty news
  15. Very good pitcher. He wad the type of guy you love if he's on your team and hate if he's not. No denying his determination to win, and one of the more enjoyable guys to listen to talk baseball
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  16. I might. :Obama:
  17. I remember dat splitter being deadly. Always enjoyed watching his games against the Yanks as well (with Boston) Ah , good times.
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  18. Lol yeah, he would trash the yankees on the reg, and boo'd just about as much as pedro.
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