Curtis Axel back to NXT

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Jan 8, 2015.

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    First it was Tyson Kidd who seems to be busy working with Cesaro on the main roster at the moment, then with the lack of veteran experience on NXT someone had to go down and fill Kidd's void, that came in the form of the return to NXT by Curtis Axel.. There were some whispers a few days ago about him being "demoted" to the NXT universe.. Personally I think this is a very smart move for WWE & Axel himself, with TK busy they needed someone who can help put some of the newer talent over all while not losing much credit himself, Axel being off screen for awhile and who's only had a few matches within the past couple months seems like the perfect fit as someone to do that..

    Do you feel the move back down to NXT is right for Curtis?

    How do you think his time back in the NXT universe will reflect on the character itself?

    Would you rather they stop using up screen time with Mr. Axel?

    There's a lot of questions to be asked here, let's hear your opinions.

    This article came out this past weekend to make the announcement but I didn't read it until I saw the results from the episode lined up tonight.
  2. Axel, just like Kidd, is a good wrestler, but just a complete charisma vacuum.

    This is good for him, I guess. At least he'll be wrestling somewhere and doing something useful, I like watching him in the ring, so I have no problem with him being in NXT.
  3. I'd disagree with you emphatically on that- it's classic WWE banning personality. Until I saw him in interviews I actually did think that exact thing and pretty much gave zero shits about him. I saw the WWE Vintage show about Mr Perfect and most of it is him talking about his upbringing and his dad and stuff and he came across as a really cool, interesting guy.
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  4. If what you're saying is true, then I guess that 'cool, interesting guy' has never been shown on WWE programming.

    But hey, like I said, I do like watching him in the ring.
  5. I'll give it two weeks for him to become awesome
  6. I think it will take a bit longer than that, they're going to use him to look good all while helping the likes of Itami, Balor, Steen go over him.
  7. And even with this, you're being too pessimistic of the wonderfulness of NXT.
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  8. True. :dawg:
  9. Between the faster action, the Bully Ray-esque shit talking before doing dick moves, and having a rapidly improving babyface to play off of, Axel came off wonderfully on this show! :yay:
  10. Isn't he going to wrestle Hideo this week or something?
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  11. Yes. That match was the ME, I believe.

    Can't wait to watch the episode!
  12. Tag titles are main-eventing. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  13. It doesn't matter who's main eventing! :rock:

    It's NXT, after all and it's AAAAWWWEEESSOOOOOOOOOOMMEE!

    I wish I could be this positive about Raw/SD. HHH just turns everything to gold down there at NXT.
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  14. Have noticed the countless ways NXT has just conditioned us to be positive.

    New character debuts, and you don't like him at first? GIve him a chance, you will.
    Some stupid booking decision happens that would normally piss us off (reference Zayn jobbing clean to Titus O'Neil)? Bigger storyline.
    Wrestling match happens, and you know the winner? Yeah, but the journey there will still be fun, and not just waiting for the finish.
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  15. Amen.

    Can't argue with that.

    On another note, I'm digging your new avatar. Man, it's kinda weird looking at it and not seeing Rollins. Aries is gold, too.
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  16. Hopefully the time back in NXT will do well for Axel, I like the guy as a wrestler and his mic work isn't AWFUL, I heard some comparisons prior to seeing him in the WWE to DiBiase Jr but I don't see it, Curtis has heart for the business Ted I don't believe really did.
  17. He had a really decent match against Itami this week. They let him show off a little bit (before losing the match) and his trash-talking was spot on.

    It's good to see him in NXT, at least he's doing something useful there.
  18. He just needs a proper chance to shine. He will impress if given the right opportunity and/or feud. I could see him doing some great things with Generico.
  19. I've always had the feeling that Axel/McGillicutty/Hennig has the stuff to be a real star, maybe even a guy who could stick in the main event for a while, but I also feel like his personality has been completely stifled the entire time he's been on my television.

    I figure if they'll trust him and let him show who he is, he'll be fine.

    And if they do and he doesn't, at least we won't have any doubt that it's him, not WWE.

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  20. I feel like Tyler Breeze and Axel could have a nice program.. or maybe Rojo Mawley.
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