Curtis Axel Entrance Video

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by McLovin, May 23, 2013.

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  2. Love Axel's theme but they also finally released Barrett's.
  3. Both are great themes. Although Barrett's could be better without the intro, not that it doesn't sound good or I dislike England but unless he starts walking out a bit later the actual theme only starts playing he's already halfway through the ramp and that's not very good (long intro).
  4. Man, Curtis' theme definitely has a "superstar" feel to it. Kind of reminds me of Rocky's.
  5. Cool music but I personally preferred him as Michael
  6. Did they modify his theme a bit? His theme sounded a bit different when he debut.
  7. So you preferred him as a jobber?
  8. You preferred him with zero exposure, zero momentum and zero character compared to now and what might come?
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  10. I do, I preferred him before, they're selling him really good but words are cheap, concretely I preferred the Nexus Michael...
  11. Definitely agree that the theme has a special sort of sound to it (love the old Mr. Perfect theme kicking in at 0:26), but I see Curtis as more of a baby face than a heel. I predict that within a year, he breaks away from Heyman and branches out to being on his own. Also, it seems his beard on Raw was bigger than it is in this entrance video. He needs to trim it down a little bit.
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  13. The beard works for him as it is IMO, it's not at the unkept madman stage Bryan was at but balances his face out well.
  14. lol I have an awesome beard myself. I didn't say he needed to shave it off, just trim it down a bit so it looks more smooth like in the entrance video.
  15. The bigger the beard, the bigger the penis :true:
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  16. I thought the saying was the bigger the feet, the bigger the penis. I have rather large feet, btw.

  17. The footage in the tron is from when he was on the original NXT back in 2010. He had a much smaller beard and not as much muscle mass back then.
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