Curtis Axel - Just me who isn't feeling him?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by seabs, Jun 2, 2013.

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    I'll start this by saying I haven't watched many Raw's recently but I have watched his segments with HHH, Cena and Cara and....​
    I'm really struggling to get into him in all honesty, his ring work is solid but nothing spectacular (I like his clotheslines to the back of the opponents head and the Perfect plex that's it) his mannerisms seem really average and he doesn't project himself well at all. His mic skills make him sound like a simpleton IMO, it could just be the accent but he sounds like someone who would take a while to realise fire hurts. Also his facial expressions are some bad they're hilarious, I thought Ryback was bad but god this guy is an unintentional comedy character with them. ​
    I know I'm in the minority and this isn't a McGulicutty hangover but I just don't see the attraction of him. Does anyone else feel not impressed given his hype on here?​

  2. I haven't seen much of the guy, so I wasn't part of the hypefest. That said, I am starting to like the guy.
    I'm not really sure what it is about him, but I'm liking him, heh.
    From what I've seen, his ring work is decent, nothing spectacular but he's decent enough. I also liked his little promo on SD, he comes off as really arrogant and douchey, which is nice for a heel.
  3. For me personally, I think Smackdown was his best performance on the mic and he looked to stand out a bit more on his own. In previous weeks, it seems like Paul Heyman has carried him and has done a lot of hyping for his character beyond what Curtis Axel has been able to produce on his own in the ring and on the mic. Personally I find Paul Heyman and his clients interesting so I think that in itself has intrigued me about Curtis Axel. I don't know if he'll make as strong of an impact as guys like CM Punk and Brock Lesnar have been able to do, but he's still young and I think he can improve from here. If they tailor his character a bit more and make a recognizable gimmick for him then I think he could be successful.
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  4. Short answer: yes, it's only you :smug:
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  5. What's the selling point of him lol?
  6. i don't really see the appeal tbh even before his push a lot of people here seemed to like him and wanted him as a top star but aside from his heritage nothing about him really attracts me .
  7. Same here, he's not really bad at anything but he's not great at anything either. The guy is just vanilla IMO.
  8. He came from Curt Hennigs sack, that's all I need to know! :tough:

    Seriously though, he's young and has a crap load of natural talent. Sure he's needs some polishing, but give him some time and you'll change your mind.
  9. Maybe, still say they had a lot better guys to give this to.
  10. Exactly there is nothing special about him imo,maybe it's because i don't know him that much we'll see .
  11. People said the same thing about Rocky Maivia. I'm not saying Axel is the next Rock, but sometimes guys you least suspect ending up surprising you the most.
  12. I have to admit that when his music first hit, I was disappointed. I always considered (in the little that I had seen of him) Michael McGillicutty to be somewhat average. Probably something to do with the jobber name they gave him. Randy Orton even said in an interview yesterday that he felt the name was close to career suicide for him.

    Anyway, I don't watch NXT and so I don't know who would have been a better replacement. Bray Wyatt was suggested on here but given he can likely get over easily as it is and already has his 'family', he doesn't need Heyman. Would have been a waste of a spot that someone else could have benefited from just from the Heyman affiliation, like Axel. I've heard of Adrian Neville but have only seen him once and don't know how good his mic work is. Ohno, haven't seen any of him. Can't even remember anyone else unless we count Bo Dallas, which I don't.

    I kinda like Curtis Axel. His mic work is good but not great but seeing as he's only been around in this spot for two weeks, I'll give him time to improve. His ring work is solid. He's a 3rd generation star and is liked by Triple H, that means a lot with how hard WWE will push him.

  13. Huge difference Miavia had been wrestling for what 2 years whilst Hennig has had 6 years, plus Rocky was 24 when he won the title so would have been what 22 around his debut whilst Hennig is 33. Finally Miava showed to have great confidence on the mic during his debut run which Hennig hasn't IMO.

  14. Yeah..when his music hit I was like fuck no...
    I mean he might be the son of Perfect but there are many other superstars that could have been pushed. Why him? He's good (B+ considering Bryan is A+ and Ryder C+) in the ring average with a mic on his hand...then why should they push him?
    He's gettin cheap heat saying he has done more than his dad... But you cannot be a main eventer when you can only talk about your dad.
    I guess we havent seen enough, but so far it's a meh for me. There were many other wrestlers that could have been pushed(Even Ryder turning heel)
    Most of you drove crazy like damn this is awesome...while I was thinking on Cesaro,Rhodes,Ohno,Kruger,Ryder,Riley etc
  15. I expected more from him on the mic, because on his day he is a great mic worker. The thing is he doesn't have any intensity at the moment because kayfabe wise he doesn't really need it; he's winning everything - all be it horribly - and has to be smug about it. He is gold as an intense mic worker, but when he just talks normally, he lacks the charisma or differences that is needed. You summed his mic work perfectly without intensity - simple.

    His mannerisms look gold to me though. When he enters with his awesome theme + pyro and during/after matches, he just looks like a complete star. Because of that, I am buying into the hype and potential, because he just makes me enjoy his segments. His matches were never going to be amazing, and I'm not the type of fan who cares much about ring-work anyway.

    As for the pick for the next Heyman guy, there are only a couple I would put ahead of him, otherwise I am completely fine with the push he is receiving.
  16. Well not all 3rd generation or 2nd generations wrestlers are like Rocky or Randy. Ted DiBiase Jr is nowhere near his father. Tamina, DH Smith when he was with WWE, Usos are pretty stale, Richie Steamboat I don't know about his, haven't seen him in a while, Manu & Sim Snuka were also stale/boring.
  17. Been a fan of his for a while, but to reboot him and immediately stick him in the main events just seems like too much too soon.
    Really feels like a round peg in a square hole, and his association with Heyman feels awkward and forced.

    He's got the look, his mannerisms are fantastic, his intense promos are really good. He's athletic (albeit still pretty green) in the ring.
    There's a lot to like but this push just doesn't feel right. Sadly, sticking him in the mid-card basically tells the fans that he's a worthless talent nowadays so this is the best they can do.
  18. I agree, but i think the thing with Axel is not to push him because he's great but to push him so that he becomes great as he progresses. Putting him with someone like Heyman would do that and it works a lot better than having him run through the NXT roster. He is basic at best in all aspects and I think the run is meant to build him to become even better. I also believe that this guy is a Triple H pick so who knows where they'll go with this but I can already see the guy as a potential top face in the future.
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