Curtis Axel Minor Theme Change AGAIN

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by DK James, May 31, 2013.

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  1. Why do they keep fucking with it? lol
  2. They need to just pick on and keep it lol.
  3. Curtis has such a soothing voice :gusta:
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  4. Loose the beard.
  5. I think it's on pretty tight :jeritroll:
  6. LOL! :emoji_slight_smile: (I won't edit my post for joke continuity..)

    I'll try again:

    Lose the beard.
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  7. Did it even have an aspect of the old Mr. Perfect theme in it?

    Never mind it being a reference to Curt Henning's old music, that piece of it was great in itself and the best part.
  8. Fuck you WWE.

    >Makes awesome Curtis Axel theme; everyone likes it.
    >Changes it.
    >Tries to fuck it up; people still like it.
    >Changes it.
    >Fucks it up. Ha, fuck you guys.

    This version is by far the worst.
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  9. To be fair, this version might be different because they interrupted it to cut a promo. Not sure what the actual theme is now; stop fucking with it WWE.

    Also, Axel speaks better when he's louder/more intense. These methodical slow promos work for guys like Punk, Hero, and Ambrose, but it doesn't work with Axel imo. Be more intense please.
  10. I liked his first one the best. They seem to watering it down, as if they don't want it to sound to epic.
  11. It'll be okay, Crayo! They'll change it again and make it even worse. :yay:

    Also Axel's promo on Smackdown was just fine. Think you or Alkabangspot mentioned a long time ago that he should rip off James Storm's gimmick (boy how different is that right now). Didn't realize just how right you were on that one.
  12. I think both Crayo and I said we saw a bit of James Storm in him. But he can do slow and methodical when he wants to. His youtube promos on Kidd from the old NXT were pretty good.
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