News Curtis Axel Vs HHH update

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Star Lord, May 27, 2013.

  1. Weird why they didnt announce this at RAW but one down for Axel, HHH still made him look shit as he does.
  2. Axel has a recorded win over a 13 time World Champion, the ending was bizarre but it's still a win over Triple H for god's sake. He made the kid look a lot better than what he was doing before, saying he made Axel look like shit is nearly as bizarre as people saying Lesnar was buried and or lost his credibility after jobbing to Trips at Mania. Sometimes I think I'm losing my mind then I remember the wrestling forums are beacons for bipolar E-personalities.
  3. It was a debut for Axel. He got fair offense, some good mic time, and whatnot. While the win wasn't at it's best, it's still a win over a multiple time champion instead of a loss. While it wasn't the best win, it's still a win. It's better then nothing, or even losing.
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  4. A win based on what, a count out? Being unable to continue the match? I don't agree on HHH making Axel look like shit but it's hardly a win that puts him over big just yet. I assume they're going with a Axel/Jericho feud at the moment (judging from Heyman/Axel being on the Highlight Reel tonight and the fact that this feud needs more than three weeks to be built up properly) and then building up to a HHH/Axel program for Summerslam.

    Hopefully, they don't run with the same angle with HHH/Brock last year, which is HHH letting someone go over him at SS but then coming back and getting the win in the Wrestlemania rematch the next year when he returns (if Axel/Heyman put him out due to his concussion in this case.) It would be great to see a newer star share the WM spotlight with someone of HHH's stature but it would still be the same angle two years in a row...
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  5. Win/Loss records have lost their value due to WWE's unorthodox booking.
  6. Yeah, technically it was a win so it makes sense. Still a lot better than what i expected.
  7. Lets see how it's followed up before rushing to judgement on this one.

    Also Kayfabe News is reporting that Triple H's injury was caused by dehydration from him always spitting out his water instead of drinking it.