Custom HIAC card

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by DashingPerfection, Oct 2, 2012.

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  1. Kane and D-BRY vs Rhodes/Sandow.

    Eve vs Natalya

    Cena vs Punk

    Sheamus vs Ziggler.

    Miz vs Ryback

    Cesaro vs Zack Ryder.


    Kofi vs Tensai
  2. I like this a lot.

    -Christian should be back on TV by then, so throw him at the US Title instead of Ryder. Nothing against Iced Z, but that match has been done already.

    -Gotta to rebuild Nattie (the designated Divas' jobber), so throw Kaitlyn at Eve for now... well, nobody cares about the Divas anyway so you may as well throw a good match out there.

    -There's no reason for Ziggler to go after Sheamus right now, but there's no other good option. Ziggler is the last guy who pulled a good match out of Sheamus during this title reign and will probably be the only one.

    -Kofi vs Tensai = Awesome idea. Plus it's on the pre-show so everyone sees it. Be a perfect way to start a Kofi re-push.

    -Any stipulations for these matches?
  3. WWE Title: Cena vs Punk
    WHC: Sheamus vs Big Show
    Tag Title: Hell No vs Rhode Scholars
    Ziggler vs Kingston (maybe)
    IC Title: Miz vs a returning jack swagger or Ryback
    Some random divas match
  4. Ok,

    NEW MATCH...
    Christian vs Cesaro
    Kaitlyn vs Eve
    Show vs Sheamus
    Swagger vs Miz vs Wade Barrett for the IC


    Cena vs Punk match: Steel Cage

    Show vs Sheamus: Extreme Rules

    Miz vs Swagger vs Barrett: Triple Threat

    Christian vs Cesaro: Singles

    Hell No vs Rhodes Scholar: Tag

    Eve vs Kaitlyn: Divas

    Kofi vs Tensai: Singles
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