CZW - Why is it successful?

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    Apart from serving the small but vocal niche of fans that love hardcore wrestling after ECW died I honestly don't understand how CZW is as successful as it is. Then again I'm not a fan of death matches or hardcore for the sake of hardcore. I can understand a long, personal rivalry ending in a no DQ match or a hell in a cell but when you start building multi storie cages and rigging them with explosives and sheets of glass you are simply either trying to kill your wrestlers or trying too much. CZW seems more to me like ECW drunken little brother trying to prove that it can be just as cool as its big brother by taking things to new extremes.

    The company is somehow staying afloat and going. Something I just cannot understand. Why is it that a company that seems focused on shortening their wrestlers careers (I know that they do normal wrestling as well but when you think CZW you think this bat shit stupid stuff).

    What kind of purpose does it fill on the independent scene other than being "that place you go for "hardcore"?

    And how can it stay so alive as it is while seemingly being a niche promotion?
  2. They pick great guys to work for them, they've had Hero, Moxley, Danielson, Low Ki and Punk amongst other examples. Plus the hardcore element has a pretty restricted but loyal niche, look how hungry the ECDUB fans were. Plus they're closely link to chikara I think so they can help each other out.
  3. Didn't the Chikara partnership fall through years ago?
  4. I thought that was just the schools that split and they were still linking?
  5. I can't find any info on a partnership with CZW other than that they shared academies for a while. CZW is not listed on the list of promotions that Chikara has collaborated with.
  6. May just be me being an idiot :obama: either way it's just to great talent and a strong niche, a lot of people love death matches.
  7. And I cannot understand why. If I were a wrestler I would never work a CZW style "hardcore" match.
  8. I guess some guys don't have a choice, you gotta make a name somewhere.
  9. I guess that when it was founded it was one of the only options. ROH wasn't that big yet and neither was PWG at the time. Now I get a big smile on my face when I see wrestlers get out of CZW and showcasing their wrestling talents on other stages. Callihan would be nowhere near the guy he was if he stayed in CZW only in my opinion.
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  10. It can help make a guy IMO, Hero wouldn't have been the same without it as his right of passage, same as Moxley.
  11. Because it has connections, strings, aura about it and loyal fans. Some people and wrestlers simply enjoy death and hardcore matches, it's that simple. I don't follow CZW on regular basis, but I do watch here and there and I like what I see. JEE-ZUS!
  12. Violence sells, simple as that.
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