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  1. Does anyone here keep with up CZW? What's going on over there?
  2. They just held best of the best (their yearly wrestling tournament) and had a send off show for Drake Younger who is leaving the indies for a WWE gig.

    Drew Gulak is the current world champ and is leading the "campaign for a better combat zone", a group that wants to get rid of the hardcore elements of CZW.
  3. That's cool. Is he gonna be in NXT or something?

    And as for CZW getting rid of the hardcore elements...Hmm...I haven't seen TOO many hours of CZW, but I think I've seen enough to know that the hardcore elements is sort of their "thing". Won't the fans be outraged by this?
  4. He's apparently signed on to be a ref.

    Which is why it is such a perfect heel gimmick to run in CZW.
  5. Ooooh I read that wrong. I didn't know it was a gimmick but rather an actual official trying to get rid of the hardcore elements.
  6. CZW is one hell of a company... I watched some podcasts... its a crazy company, it sometimes hurts to watch them get hurt...
  7. Outside Drew Gulak its not worth watching.
  8. No offense man, but lol
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  9. So I can't have any opinion on a promotion? Learn to take someone else's opinion instead of just burying it as if its meaningless.
  10. I just find it odd and fun that out of an entire roster of talented people. You only find Gulak worth watching. CZW has one of the better indy rosters out there. And this is coming from a dude who a year ago didn't touch the promotion with a ten foot pole.

    You seriously don't find any entertainment from guys like:
    Biff Busick
    Chris Dickinson
    Lucky 13
    Danny Havoc
    Andrew Everett
    Caleb Konley
    Shane Strickland
    JT Dunn
    David Starr
    Ohio is 4 killers
    Beaver Boys
  11. I am not saying I don't like these guys, in particular Caleb Konely, Andrew Everett and Biff Busick are guys I like but its not the best you can see them at. I would rather watch a DGUSA/Evolve match of Caleb Konely than a CZW, I would rather watch Andrew Everett Vs Trevor Lee Vs Cedric Alexander than what he is having in CZW. Its not up to par with how they perform at their highest. Gulak is a guy who isn't showcased as much as he should so CZW is when he shines because he is put against guys like AJ Styles and Chris Hero.
  12. ....... Okay then, and how much of CZW's product have you actually watched to determine this? Konley is much better looked after in CZW, dude might not be as "high profile" in CZW than he is in DGUSA but at least he is booked proper instead of stop start pushes ala Gabe, and puts on more fun matches in CZW as well. To say that Everett is better in PWG than CZW is absurd to me considering he's only worked ONE match in PWG, compared to his one year in CZW.

    And why is Gulak showcased much more in CZW compared to other promotions? 1: He's a CZW product through and through, trained by them, brought up by them. 2: He's only recently truly branched out to other promotions not named Chikara (hi Soldier Ant!). Obviously he's going to be more showcased in his home promotion. Just like Konley and Alexander is more showcased in PWX than they are in ROH or DGUSA. Gulak doesn't have the pull yet to deserve big booking and showcases outside of CZW.
  13. But see, in his opinion, you're wrong and lolworthy. Is he not allowed to have an opinion?
  14. An opinion certainly can't be wrong.
  15. and I thought FCW/NXT had stupid names lol
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  16. Beaver Boys for the win. Orgasm donors extra ordinaire
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