News D-Bry catches burglar

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Jul 25, 2014.

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  2. Interesting. Hope he kicked the dude's ass a little before the police got there.
  3. Some more:

  4. *inserts joke about Emma robbing Daniel Bryan's house*
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  5. What a G.
  6. Brie couldn't chase after the other?
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  7. GOAT.

    Wonder if he locked the dude in a Guillotine choke before the cops got there?
  8. Damn, he caught a kidnapper.
  9. Arcadia is a sketchy area, no idea what he'd be doing down there. What a beast
  10. Lives there apparently.
  11. Did he running knee him to catch him? He should have running knee'd him.
  12. is reporting the burglers that targeted Bryan's home were in the process of stealing items that included a bracelet that belonged to Bryan's recently deceased father.

    The report also notes Bryan used a rear naked choke hold to bring under control one of the burglars for five minutes until police arrived.


    BAD ASS!
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  13. I may've just become a fan of DB. Those sickfucks stealing a dead man's bracelt from the man's son? He deserved to get fucking choked out.
  14. For those interested, TMZ are streaming the press conference courtesy of the Phoenix PD.

    Bryan also confirmed that he needs a second surgery
  15. Reporter: Did you put him to sleep?

    Bryan: No comment
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  16. It takes a pair to rob a cat's crib, so I suppose the vanilla midget talk should be snapped in half.
    Nash wouldn't bother chasing, Hogan can't chase and HHH would call the proper authorities. (Yep, went there)

    This seems in character. What's even more in character is that Bry would live in a sketchy area. I'm surprised dude doesn't live in a cardboard box. Well, not really, Brie wouldn't have that, would she?
  17. Unnarmed Burglars in Arcadia, lol they must've be borderline mentally retarded.
    I met about 175-200 people down there during a few weeks I worked down there and roughly about 60% of them have their CCWs and almost 85% of them at least had one firearm locked up somewhere in the house.
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