Payback D-Bry/Kane/Orton at Payback?

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    For those who haven't read the Smackdown spoilers and care about spoilers. Look away until later.

    For the rest of you: Smackdown ended this week with a tag match between Orton and Bryan vs Seth and Roman. Bryan accidentally hit Orton and when he went to apologize after the match Orton RKO'd him and stood over his body as the crowd bood and the show closed out.

    Do we get a Orton vs Bryan match at Payback out of this? Not sure on how I'd want a Orton vs Bryan match to go right now, Both seem to be set for pushes and long term plans attached to them so by that logic both should go forward stronger.
    A solution I see is Kane calling Orton out for attacking his friend and challenging him for a match at Payback, Orton goes over Kane with the punt, writing Kane off TV. Which opens up more for Bryan's singles run and sets up some backstory for Orton vs Bryan down the road. A triple threat with similar end could also work.

    Do you think we will get Bryan vs Orton or Kane vs Orton at Payback? How would you book it?
  2. I'd love to see HEEL orton vs Bryan, but that would probably mean that Bryan would havet to take the loss, and i'd hope the E wouldn't push DB this hard just to job him to Orton. I'm not sure what to expect tbh, and i'm interested to read others opinions.
  3. Bryan is unfortunately the best wrestler on the roster for Orton to turn heel against. I can't think of many faces that Orton could turn on that would have the same effect, as everyone loves Daniel Bryan. After a big heel turn though, the heel has to come on top, and I do not want to see Bryan lose at the moment. He's never had as much momentum as he does now. You could have him turn on Bryan in a major way, and just use it as symbolism to push him into another feud with a face, and quickly remove Bryan from the feud. For example, Orton turns heel on Bryan, and goes to put him out for good with a Punt. Generic over face comes down for the save, to which Randy Orton RKO's and punts to send them out for a few weeks. That solidifiesthe turn, and has the attention on the poor face that nearly died. Bryan is now gone, and has done his work by being the REALLY over guy that Orton turns on.

    The week after, you just have Orton cut a heel promo without ever mentioning Bryan.
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  4. Do The Shield even have a match announced for Payback? Only two shows till the PPV (not counting the SD spoilers), I would think we'd be getting The Shield versus Orton and Team Hell No in a rematch again. To make it different from just a normal six man tag team match and to put more emphasis on the gold (given it's an important part of The Shield's dominance now), they could make a stipulation that says if the faces win, then regardless of the finish and who is pinned/forced into submission/counted out/disqualified, Orton becomes US Champ and Team Hell No become tag team champs. The focus will be that if they can come together and put their (Orton and Bryan's) differences aside and if Bryan can put his anger in check, they can not only defeat The Shield but walk out with all the gold as well.
  5. There's really 2 ways to go about this:

    -Kane'll stick up for Bryan while Ziggler clears all these slapnuts nobody cares about from the title picture (Bryan could have a match with Ambrose that ends with Bryan getting himself disqualified as Crayo dies from excessive ejaculation), freeing up Bryan for the World Title scene. Orton wins the belt in a triple-threat and goes on to have an epic several month program with Bryan.

    -Go ahead and do Bryan vs Orton now, but do an punt kick/injury angle, have to make it look flukish though. Have Heel Orton run amok on Smackdown for a few months, win the WHC from face Ziggler (eww, I know), then have Bryan make his big return and take his title back in a few months. Could be a great way to get WWE's most over superstar that much more over.
  6. Having them feud wouldn't be a bad thing. I consider them both to Smackdown guys for the most part and I think that feud would be great for that brand. Both of them are also good in the ring, so it'd be a great set of matches to watch. Orton going heel and Bryan getting the main event push, there's not much to be lost in this feud.
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