News D-Bry suffering from minor neck injury

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, May 12, 2014.

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  1. Pwinsider

    INB4 Tombstone piledrivers
  2. In before Punk is his replacement at Payback. It was all a work.:blackshock:
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  3. Yeah, yeah. I would mark my tits off for this.

  4. no offense spot but so what? Sure he has had a few in the last year, isn't the issue how they let it continue. Honestly you and @Manik 's suggestions would mean a lot to the way you both would book this. I think it could work well, even at the cheapest an Ala HHH broken arm deal. You sell DB and Cena going down this month only to get the final win (and DB's title back) at SS could be huge.
    Ain't nobody got time for that. Seriously people, fuck Punk. Y2J, Bo (idgaf about the is he ready shit, he is one of the many WWE stars who have legit 15 mins of fame to count on.

    I despise the Punk character (only caught 2012 on) but there are so many other better stars you could push to the top. Hell WWE could give gold the belt only to lead to a gold cody feud for the belt (thanks sandow here) otherwise DZ is ready to be promotes as the people love him, and there are plenty of others stars who could go there.
  5. At least it means theres a chance of giving the vacant title to the returning Chris Nowinski or Orlando Jordan at Payback
  6. So what what? I didn't suggest anything.

    The inb4 tombstone line was supposed to be in jest.
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  7. So in other words, we have to wait all the way to the end of June just to see an end to this rivalry with Kane. Yippee. What looked to be just a one-month off program is now turning into a three-month feud. And yeah, someone could make the argument that Bryan selling a legitimate injury like this one does make Kane look like more of a monster and thus makes Bryan's final victory and triumph over him all the more meaningful, but still.
  8. Bryan is a good representaive of wrestling fans. He has a beard and is the underdog, just like us. But come on lads, he is no Orton

    Orton should be given Bryans spot now as the premier performer, and they should not fuck it up like 2009
  9. ........................ .......................... BNB vs CM Punk!

    Whoever said it somewhere else this would now be the time to do it; you're gonna need a decent match to replace DB/Kane. Kane vs CM Punk would suck =/

    but if they played on that "Chicago I'm afraid I got some Bad Newwwws! You're hometown hero CM Punk will NOT be here tonight.."

    5-10 seconds later.....

    I'd be cool with it as much as I'm not a fan of Punk.
  10. How about Hulk Hogan for WWE Champ guys?
  11. If CM Punk or someone else big isn't returning, have Zack Ryder vs Kane (with Sandow and Ziggler in his corner), starting the Disgruntled Wrestlers stable. When Ryder, Sandow and Ziggler take out Kane, we can then see Bryan come out (or possibly on the RAW after this) and "bury" Kane alive.
  12. Well, sucks that he's hurt. Hopefully this doesn't keep him out of action for too long.
  13. I hope you're joking because they've done a good job of re-establishing Kane as a monster so far, and having a group of disgruntled jobbers take Kane out would undo all of that.

    They'll likely call upon the Big Show to do a job to Kane at Payback.
  14. Pwinsider reporting that he will be out for 6-8 weeks, blaming the headbutt off the forklift at ER. Probably will be stripped of the title next Monday. He can return to win it back from someone at SummerSlam.

    I'd have a triple threat for the vacant title at Payback between Wyatt (who wins it), Cena, and Kane.
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  15. :emoji_slight_frown: so I guess that means he won't be on the uk tour this week dammit was looking forward to seeing bryan as well
  16. [​IMG]
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  17. Pwinsider also says that they will only strip him if they get a bad report from the surgery on his recovery time. If the news are good he will most likely keep the belt.

    It's also only a minor break and won't require something as invasive as fusion surgery.
  18. If Bryan's out for 2 months he'll probably keep the belt.

    Still, truly sucks to be him. Ever since Wrestlemania and his marriage it's been one thing after another for the guy. There's a lesson here, kids. Don't get married. Or do diving headbutts off of forklifts.
  19. Kane has no business wrestling full time right now, he's much better putting someone over and then leaving to come back and occasionally wrestle if he really wants to.
  20. Doubt it. They're not going to have 2 (possibly 3) PPVs where the Championship isn't defended, especially now there is only 1 title.

    Give it to Wyatt at Payback and have Bryan win it back in his return match at SummerSlam.
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