D-Bry vs Ryback on Sd

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  1. http://veedio.info/dailymotion.php?url=k7pICrfq4MlFeW42ypZ

    Right at the start.

    This is some of D-Bry's best WWE work for me, he managed to make a match involving Ryback actually enjoyable. He's so damn good at playing the face underdog.
  2. I was almost not hating that Ryback promo but the canned noise became too much. Does WWE really think fans enjoy the show more with that shit being pumped in?
  3. The canned heat wasn't what made me stop watching that shit :eww:
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  4. Hey, I said I was ALMOST not hating the promo. It was still bad, but good by Rybore standards.
  5. Will watch this on mute.
  6. Up until he said Ryback Rules I agree
  7. Every Bryan match needs booking like this, the roll through to half crab was fap worthy
  8. Ryan, use the prefixes damnit :angry:
  9. Fuck prefixes, I do whatever I want around this place :finger:
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  10. Added the NXT one :badass:
  11. I hate you so much right now.
  12. That was a good match. Easily Ryback's best singles match, his other good singles matches were with Cesaro. Bryan works so well with big guys (and with guys his size). Just shows how versatile a wrestler Bryan is. Ryback did look confused and unsure at the start but Bryan helped set the pace.

    Before someone says it: This was not a burial, Bryan was very game in this match and turned into a serious character as soon as he was between the ropes. Which is great to see since it builds his character.
  13. It was indeed a great match. Loved the fact that Bryan looked strong too.
  14. Just got done watching the whole thing. It was actually a pretty good episode. If only half of the cheers and sounds were genuine. :urm:
  15. Very good match I thought, definitely Ryback's best regular singles match (the TLC against Punk was pretty good too) so far. I'm sure a lot of people will attribute this solely to Bryan, but I think both deserve credit for pulling out a great match. The roll through into the half crab and the dead lift powerbombs were sick. Both guys came off looking strong, and even though a lot of people are probably upset Ryback won, I thought it made sense and was the right decision (and I'm a big Bryan fan).
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