D.T.A.: 15 Superstars You Can't Trust

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  1. D.T.A.: 15 Superstars You Can't Trust

    But you don’t have to be “Stone Cold” to live by the DTA motto. WWE is a tough place to survive, never mind thrive, and backstabbing and double-dealing are all part of the game for a certain group of cutthroat competitors. Some Superstars boast such lengthy résumés of deception that they belong in a class of their own. Therefore, WWE.com obliges them with this list of The 15 Least Trustworthy Superstars.

    You won’t find Austin here, even though D.T.A. is thoroughly an “Austinism.” Sure, “Stone Cold” himself more than dabbled in trickery. At the end of the day, though, Austin was, perhaps surprisingly, a largely dependable fellow. (Case in point, the time he saved Stephanie McMahon from being forced to marry The Undertaker.)

    Several of the Superstars listed among The 15 Least Trustworthy are ring athletes that you want to believe in and want to have faith in. Others are likely Superstars who you outright disdain. All of their records, however, would suggest that it’s best to approach judiciously, and always keep your back to the wall.


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