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    AJ Lee (Divas Champ)
    Brie Bella
    Brodus Clay
    Chris Jericho
    CM Punk
    Curtis Axel (IC Champ)
    Daniel Bryan
    David Otunga
    Dean Ambrose (US Champ)
    Evan Bourne (Injured)
    Fandango (Injured)
    John Cena
    Kofi Kingston (Injured)
    The Miz
    Nikki Bella
    Rey Mysterio (Injured)
    Roman Reigns (Tag Team Champ)
    RVD (Returning at MITB)
    Seth Rollins (Tag Team Champ)
    Tamina Snuka
    Zack Ryder
    Alberto Del Rio
    Alicia Fox
    Antonio Cesaro
    Big E Langston
    Big Show
    Cody Rhodes
    Damien Sandow
    Darren Young
    Dolph Ziggler
    Drew McIntyre
    Great Khali
    Heath Slater
    Jack Swagger
    Jey Uso
    Jimmy Uso
    Jinder Mahal
    Justin Gabriel
    Mark Henry
    Natalya Neidhart
    Randy Orton
    Rosa Mendes
    Sin Cara
    Titus O'Neil
    Tyson Kidd (Injured)
    Wade Barrett
    William Reagal
    Yoshi Tatsu
    Adrian Neville
    Bo Dallas (NXT Champ)
    Conor O'Brian
    Corey Graves
    Erick Rowan (Tag Champ)
    Kassius Ohno
    Leo Kruger
    Luke Harper (Tag Champ)
    Sami Zayn
    Sasha Banks
    Summer Rae
    Xavier Woods

    Vickie (Raw whatsoever)
    Teddy Long (Booker’s assistant)
    Booker T (SD! GM)
    Brad Maddox (Vickie’s assistant)

    Part Timers:

    Michael Cole (RAW and SD!)
    Jerry "The King" Lawler (RAW)
    JBL (RAW and SD!)
    Justin Roberts (PPV Preshow + Interviews)

    Tag Teams/Stables:
    The Shield: Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns.
    The Wyatt Family: Bray Wyatt & Erick Rowan & Luke Harper.
    Rhodes Scholars: Rhodes and Sandow
    Primo and Epico w/ Rosa
    Tons of Funk: Tensai and Brodus Clay w/ Naomi and Cameron

    Paul Heyman (Manager of Lesnar and Axel)
    Zeb Colter (Manager of Cesaro and Swagger)

  2. RAW #1


    RAW opens with the highlights of last week’s RAW. Pyro goes off and the crowd goes wild. Cena’s theme hits and he comes out to a huge pop. He grabs a mic, *Let’s Go Cena, Cena sucks* chants are all over the arena. Stephanie McMahon revealing who will be in the MITB Match segment is shown on the Tron. Cena then starts saying that whoever gets that contract will have a hard time trying to find a moment to cash it in. He then starts talking about how Henry fooled him and the WWE universe. Henry’s theme hits and he gets a huge heat. He stays at the ramp, he says he’s surprised because Cena thinks he’s going to beat him. He says he has crushed the toughest Superstars. But the hall of pain still has some spots left. And he wants Cena to fill one of them. Cena takes his T shirt off and says he’s ready to beat Henry’s ass. Henry declines and heads backstage.

    Segment 1

    Punk is shown at the locker room, getting ready for his match. Then Curtis and Heyman appear, Punk looks at them, then Curtis says he better be ready because he hasn’t lost a match yet, and he doesn’t want to lose this one. Punk smirks and says they shouldn’t worry about him, he then says he could beat both blinded. Curtis and Heyman walk away.

    Match 1

    Cole and JBL discuss about Punk, Heyman and is relationship. Ricardo Rodriguez comes out and introduces Alberto del Rio, who gets a lot of heat. Sin Cara is waiting in the ring. The match starts. Sin Cara connects a couple of arm drags and a kick to Del Rio’s face. Then Del Rio gets out of the ring. Ziggler comes out from the crowd and starts kicking Del Rio. The referee ends the match, but Ziggler keeps kicking Del Rio. Ricardo Rodriguez trirs to stop him by jumping on his back. Ziggler hits a Zig Zag on Ricardo and keeps hitting Del Rio. Then, Hunico comes out running and hits Ziggler with a steelchair. Del Rio connects a kick to Ziggler’s head. Del Rio rises Hunico’s arm and the title. He then starts insulting Ziggler in Spanish. JBL, Cole and Lawler sells the new friendship between Hunico and Alberto Del Rio.

    Del Rio via DQ

    Segment 2

    HHH is shown backstage, he’s talking to Teddy. He looks pretty mad, he’s asking Teddy why a member of the Shield is in the MITB match. Teddy says someone told him to do so. Vince appears and says he was the one who asked Teddy to do so. He also asked HHH when does he want the match against Curtis Axel, HHH walks away without answering. Vince smirks.
    Lawler and JBL talk about the Wyatt family. Then a video of them is shown.

    Match 2

    Christian’s music hits and he comes out to a big pop. Once he’s in the ring, The Shield makes his entrance. Ambrose gets into the ring. Seth and Reigns remains at ringside. Ambrose takes the early control of the match. He’s pretty aggressive. Cole explains what happened at SD! between the Usos, Christian and the Shield. Ambrose hits a DDT and goes for the pin. 1…2.. And Christian kicks out. Ambrose continues to kick Christian, until Christian counters with a suplex. He then bring Ambrose to the turnbuckle and hits a Tornado DDT. Then climbs to the third rope, Reigns distracts the referee and Seth pushes Christian, and he falls from the third rope. Ambrose hits his finisher and pins Christian. He then starts shouting stuff at Christian while raising the US Title. The Shield powerbombs Christian and the Usos come out with chairs, and the Shield runs away by the crowd.
    Ambrose Via Pinfall

    Segment 3

    Jericho is shown backstage walking, getting ready for the fight. Suddenly, Ryback push him against a can of trash. He then kicks him until some staff keeps Ryback away from Y2J. Maddox gets into Vickie’s office and tells her that Y2J cannot wrestle tonight. Vickie then says that Ryback will be the one who faces Big E tonight.

    Segment 4

    Lawler is now in the middle of the ring. He says that tonight, the WWE public will be the one who will decide tonight’s main event. He shows three options. Orton and Bryan against Kane, Kane and Bryan against Orton or a triple threat. Lawler says that the results will be up later tonight.

    Match 3

    Aksana, Layla and Natalya are already in ring when AJ’s theme hits. She gets into the ring and the tag match starts. Kaitlyn is on commentary. The match is slow, Aksana and Layla start. Layla and Natalya make a sequence of quick tags. At one point, Aksana kicks Natalya in the but and hits a neckbreaker. She then runs to the corner and tags AJ. Natalya tries to hit AJ with clothesline, AJ ducks and hits Natalya with a spinning heel kick. Runs to the ropes but Natalya connects a clothesline. Natalya goes for the Sharpshooter but AJ kicks Natalya’s face. Both women get to the corner and tag their partners. Meanwhile, Kaitlyn explains how hard is to lose a title and how she needs to regain it. Layla applies a headlock to Aksana followed by an arm drag, then a dropkick and goes for the pin. Aksana kicks out at 2. Big E’s theme hits and he appears with his in ring attire but with a bunch of flowers. Kaitlyn seems really mad. She says AJ’s mind games are not going to let her down. She stands up and stares at AJ, who ¨sends her a kiss¨. Aksana recovers, but Layla hits a running DDT. Goes for the pin 1…2..3 and gets the win. AJ who was distracted by Kaitlyn gets really mad and steps into the ring. Layla, Kaitlyn and Natalya hug each other and walk slowly backstage. But Kaitlyn goes back to where Big E is and slaps him. AJ, enraged puts Aksana in the Black Widow until Big E stops her.

    Natalya and Layla Via Pinfall

    Match 4

    Then AJ goes out of the ring and Ryback’s music hits. He slowly walks down the ramp when Jericho appears from behind, turns him and hits a codebreaker. He then pushes Ryback to the ring. Big E goes for his finisher. 1….2… and Ryback kicks out. But Big E gets him again and with another Big Ending gets the win. The camera shows Y2J smirking and AJ and Big E heading backstage.

    Big E Via Pinfall

    Segment 5

    Bryan is now shown, he’s shouting ¨The WWE thinks I’m the weak link¨. Kane says that he’s not the weak link and that he hopes that tonight, he and Daniel work as a team. Daniel keeps saying he can’t understand why he can’t face both of them. Why there isn’t that option, why can’t he go solo against Kane and Orton. Kane says that doesn’t matter at all and that he should be focused because Orton is seeking vengeance from last week’s show. Daniel Bryan says that he will get the win again, whether if he teams up with someone or it’s a triple threat. He then says they aren’t friends from the second he steps into that ring. Bryan walks away.

    Match 5

    PTP are already in the ring when Axel’s music hits. Heyman and Curtis walk slowly to the ring. Punk appears next, he comes out to the biggest pop of the night. When he gets into the ring, he asks Heyman to stay a little bit further from the ring. Paul agrees, talks to Curtis and stands next to the announce table. Young starts with Punk. Punk takes the control of the match with a couple of kicks. He then goes for the tag, doubts for a moment and finally tags Curtis. He hits a dropkick to a Young. Puts him into a sidelock and then into an abdominal stretch. Then hits a DDT and goes for the pin 1…2. Young kicks out. Curtis pushes Young to a turnbuckle. Then goes back a little bit and tries to hit Young, who moves to a side. Curtis hits his shoulder with the metal post and Young tags Titus. Titus hits a sequence of shoulder blocks. Titus goes for a powerbomb, but Curtis counters with a hurricana. Curtis tags Punk who hits a springboard clothesline. Titus goes to the turnbuckle and Punk hits a running knee followed by a bulldog. He shouts to the public ¨Best in the world¨ and the crowd cheers. Heyman now approaches the ringside and tells Punk to hit the GTS. Young gets into the ring and tries to hit Punk but Curtis connects a running neckbreaker. Punk look at Curtis and then at Heyman surprised. Titus gets on his feet and Punk connects a GTS. Goes for the pin and gets the win.
    Heyman gets into the ring and hugs Curtis, then he’s going to hug Punk when Punk tells him that he distracted him and because of that, Young nearly hit him. Then Heyman told him that he was trying to help him. Punk says he knows what to do, he knows what use and when to use it. Punk gets out of the ring and heads backstage.

    Punk and Curtis Via Pinfall

    Match 6

    Kane, Bryan and Orton come out with their respective entrances. Lawler is in the middle of the ring with a mic. He says the WWE Universe has decided the main event.¨ The triple threat option gets almost the 70% of the votes. Daniel Bryan starts screaming yes! And the crowd does it as well. At first, Orton is the one who has the control of the match. He throws Daniel Bryan out of the ring and continues wrestling with Kane. Daniel Bryan looks irate and starts saying NO! . The Crowd chants NO! as well. When Kane is close to the ropes, Bryan grabs Kane’s legs and brings him out of the ring. Bryan gets inside the ring again and brings Orton to the matt with a lock. He then starts hitting kick while saying Yes. The crowd chants whatever Bryan says. JBL says Bryan is a crowd magnet. Cole agrees. Bryan brings Orton to the turnbuckle. Bryan is in the second rope hitting Orton’s head. Orton hits a powerbomb. Bryan gets out of the ring and Kane is the one who gets inside the ring. The match continues between Kane and Orton until Bryan recovers. Orton throws Kane out of the ring with a clothesline and Bryan does the same with Orton. Bryan then goes for a suicide dive and hits both men against the barricade. The three of them are on the floor of the ringside. Bryan is the first one who stands up and starts the sequence of kicks on Orton. He then brings Orton into the ring and puts him in the Lebell lock. Kane gets into the ring and kicks Bryan. Bryan gets up and starts arguing with Kane. Bryan pushes Kane. Kane goes for the chockeslam, Bryan escapes from the lock and pushes Kane from behind. Orton gets up and connects a RKO to Kane. Bryan tries to kick Orton but he ducks out of the ring. Bryan goes for the suicide dive. He then situates Orton on the announce table and applies the Lebell Lock on the announce table. Orton taps out but both must be in the ring in order to win. Bryan flips the table on Orton and enraged goes back to the ring. Kane suddenly stands up and goes for a chokeslam but when he’s with Bryan on the top, Bryan counters into the Lebell lock. Kane suffers and finally taps out. The crowd goes crazy and YES! Chants are all over the arena. The camera shows Orton under the table, Kane getting out of the ring and finally Bryan on turnbuckle chanting YES!.

    Bryan Via Submission

    Shows ends.
  3. MAIN EVENT #1

    • Show opens with a short recap of this week’s RAW
    • Layla defeats Aksana via Pinfall. AJ attacks Layla afterwards. (Layla vs AJ is announced for SD!)
    • Wade Barrett defeats Khali via Pinfall.
    • Heath Slater defeats Tensai via Pinfall. (Due to a distraction caused McIntyre Heath Slater gets the win with a package. After the match, 3MB beats down Tensai)
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  5. NXT

    Pyro goes off and the crowd starts chanting NXT, NXT, NXT. Regal welcome everyone to this week’s show, and introduces his partner today, Brad Maddox.
    Segment 1
    Neville’s theme hits and the crowd cheers. He gets into the ring and asks Bo Dallas to come out. Bo Dallas theme and he comes out to a mixed reaction. He has a huge smile on his face. He asks for a mic, starts saying how great is to be the champion of all that crowd. He has celebrated it by going to Disneyland and he has been to the cinema and watched the newest Monster SA film. Neville stops him. He told Bo that the reason he called him is because everyone wants to know how is going to be the next guy to face him for the title. Then Bo says he’s surprised because he thought that considering everyone loves him as a champ, and that he loves to be champ, he doesn’t understand why he should defend the title soon. Dusty Rhodes comes out to a big pop. He announces that next week, they will be a beat the clock tournament. Neville smirks and Bo tells the crowd not to worry because he will still his champ.
    Big E comes out for a big pop and gets into the ring. He tells both that he will be in that tournament, and that he’s getting the gold back. Dusty Rhodes heads backstage. Then suddenly the Shield theme hits and Seth, Ambrose and Roman appears from the crowd. Ambrose has a mic and starts saying that they are back in NXT to bring some justice. They don’t understand how Bo is the champion. They get into the ring and try to hit Neville, Big E and Neville but they clean the house. The Shield runs away, Ambrose then announces that tonight’s main event will be a six man tag team match.
    Match 1
    Paige is at backstage when he’s attacked by Rae. The match will take place next week

    Segment 2
    Dusty Rhodes is in the middle of the ring, he says that tonight has one of the biggest announcements ever. He says that NXT will be going LIVE on Tuesdays. The viewership has increased a lot and the felt like going live. This causes a big pop. Dusty thanks everyone and tells everyone to enjoy the rest of the show.
    Match 2
    The Wyatt Family comes out. Crowd boos them. Wyatt steps into the ring while Luke and Eric remain at the ringside. Ohno’s music hits and he comes out to a big pop. He gets into the ring and the match starts. Bray hits a couple of punches, and puts Ohno into a sidelock. Bray reverses it into a headlock, he hits a couple of punches to Bray’s head and let him free. Then hits a clothesline and goes for the pin. Bray kicks out at two. Ohno goes for an elbow hit but Bray reverses it into a neckbreaker. Bray takes the control of the match. After a couple of suplex he goes for the pin but Ohno kicks out at two. Bray goes for his finisher but Corey Graves appears running down the ramp. Hits Luke and Eric, steps into the ring and cleans the house. The referee stops the match, and Bray wins via DQ. Corey Graves starts shouting ¨Stay Down¨ from the ring.
    Bray defeats Ohno Via DQ
    Segment 3
    Short recap of Payback is shown.
    Neville is at the locker room getting ready for his match that comes next. Corey Graves comes in and says that Dusty has booked the main event of an upcoming NXT. Neville, Ohno and Graves against The Wyatt family in a six man No DQ Tornado match. He tells Neville to get ready for that match, because it’s in two weeks time. Neville says he’s okay, but he has now another match. Neville walks away.
    Sami Zayn vs Cesaro is announced for next week’s show.
    Match 3
    Big E theme hits first, he comes out to a huge pop and walks into the ring chanting 5! 5! 5!. The crowd chants along with him. Neville is next. Come out to a big pop as well. Runs to the ring and stands on the turnbuckle. Bo comes out to mixed reaction, he comes out and start talking to the crowd.
    The Shield comes out from the crowd. They get a decent reaction. Seth gets into the ring, Big E starts as well. Big E takes the early control. Keeping Seth away from the Shield’s corner. After a nice reverse, Seth hits a backbreaker. They are both on the matt, trying their best to tag their partners. Bo tries to make the crowd cheer for Big E but he gets no reaction. Big E tags Neville and Seth tags Ambrose. Neville takes the control with a couple of hurricanas and a springboard dropkick. Goes for the pin. Ambrose kick out at 2. Bo starts talking to Big E, who doesn’t answer. Bo keeps talking, Big E hits Bo’s head against the metal post. Bo falls bleeding. The crowd cheers for Big E. After an arm drag, Neville goes for his finisher. Seth moves Ambrose away so Neville hits the matt with his chest. Ambrose tags Reigns. Meanwhile, Seth, who moved Ambrose from the ringside, gets hit by Big E. Big E goes for his finisher on Seth at ringside. Neville slowly stands up, Reigns spears Neville and goes for the pin. Big E tries to stop it but he doesn’t get in time. Roman helps Seth to stand up and the shield walks away by the crowd. Bo gets the title and heads backstage mad pointing at Big E. Neville is K.O in the ring and Big E stares at Bo Dallas from the ring. The camera shows Bo Dallas for the last time.
    The Shield wins Via Pinfall.
    Shows ends
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