Damian Sandow

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Swing Car, Jul 26, 2015.

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  1. Will he ever recover from the failed cash in or whatever the fuck happened to him? I loved him with Miz, it's just now he's on his own and he's become a joke, I'd hate to see him fail because I'm a huge fan. It's not looking very good though.
  2. Been typecast as a comedic persona for so long that it'll probably always be who he is. Now that they've erased all things Hulk Hogan for the time being including Curtis Axel's parody of Hulkamania, this overplayed Mega Powers shit can finally be put to bed, but you can bet that they'll just have another comedy act lined up for him to perform in place of it.

    This seems to be a minority opinion, but I don't mind Sandow being used how he is. He has comedic talents and it adds a bit of variety to the show to have guys like that around. Plus, I just don't think the audience would care nearly as much about him if he were serious all the time. I still think they should have paid off his feud with The Miz by having The Miz somehow forced to become his humiliated manservant for a number of weeks before Sandow finally fired him. I also think they should rolled with him as his normal self for a bit longer afterwards and gave it a shot to see how well he did with it. But otherwise...
  3. They need to give Sandow some new gear and his new Hallelujah remix entrance theme. Whether or not he still teams with a more serious Curtis Axel, I wouldn't mind too much, but I'd rather see him pushed towards the IC title. It would make more sense with Miz currently contending for it.
  4. At least WWE could've/should've given him that Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal win. But they didn't. Gotta give it to lame ass Big Show - a young, up-and-coming superstar.
  5. Hunter must not feel very highly of him since he treated Damien so harshly at RAW 1000.
  6. That was a good thing if anything.
  7. The Miz ending had to have been backstage proof of power some stars still have. Sandow's little speech after the loss sounds a lot like Bryan's before he had to go.
  8. It's so stupid. Some talented guys on the roster who creative has nothing for. Clearly someone backstage doesn't like Damien Sandow, he's very talented and he was doing so well until he cashed-in Money in the Bank. Once he lost to John Cena, that was it.
  9. I liked his genius 2.0 intellectual savior gimmick. During that time I wanted a front row seat so I could hold up a sign: Your Welcome.
  10. My unbiased opinion is that no he will not be able to recover, he will pretty much be in the lower mid card scene still entertaining the masses because the company has a lot of other names they want to feature which I'm not opposed to some of them.

    My biased opinion is that yes he will be able to shine at some point in singles competition and hold the IC title at least once within the rest of this year and the end of next year.
  11. A title doesn't mean too much. What the fans think is more important. Money will be there. It's impossible for him to control what his boss thinks about him when he's done his best for all this time.
  12. At this point I'm cheering for a Sandow push more because of the historic value it would have. I don't think I recall any star so tied to a comedic jobber role becoming a main-eventer.

    The unlikebality of it all would make a pretty nice story
  13. Daniel Bryan was basically a comedy jobber before his ME push
  14. Wasn't he world champion before the comedy role with kane?

    edit: I didn't catch his earliest run, but as far as I remember, before becoming Mr.MITB he was a regular serious jobber, like mid-carreer ziggler. Right now Sandow is way farther on the Santino spectrum of jobberdom
  15. I have no idea what Sandow has been up to, but even as world champ Bryan was essentially doing a comedy schtick with the whole "no no no" thing. It is what got him over as I'm sure you know
  16. Now I get what you mean, I was not talking about jobbing and having silly gimmicks separadely, I'm talking about both at the same time, which is sandow's entire carreer.

    And I cringe everytime I remember a purposedly annoying chant is the main reason daniel bryan got over.
  17. The only other example I can come close to giving is Ryder, who was way over with his comedy jobbing gimmick, but he really wasn't pushed unless you call winning the US title off of DZ a push.

    On that note, yea, Sandow is never getting a "real shot" in WWE. But as others have said, not everyone on the card is a main event future champion waiting in the wings. The card will have diversity and Sandow has found a niche that he fills well.
  18. Getting the US title then being fed to kane, yeah, that wasn't much of a push(other then getting his wheelchair pushed by mr.embrace the hate, I mean).:smirk2:

    And totally, Sandow fits well where he is, he has decent tv time and is really popular. Like I said, historical reasons are pretty much my only reason to wonder about it.
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