Kayfabe Damien Backstage

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Terra Blaze is running down the hall as you see the form of Damien Cortez.

Terra: Damien! Damien, wait! Can we get a word?

Damien turns around.

Damien: Hey chica! The party was just about to start! But, definitely not without you.

You can notice Terra a bit uncomfortable.

Terra: Damien, I am Terra Blaze and one of the interviewers for the show.

Damien: Ah, so you are one of Kingsley's perras. No thanks

Damien starts to walk away. Terra smirks.

Terra: Due to your recent loss and...almost recent loss. How do you think that you are even going to be able to compete in a Triple Threat, if you can't even do well in a single match.

Damien: Puñeta!!! This little perra has some teeth. You want to know how Aftermath will go, you little perra sata. I will tear both of them apart and be standing victorious with their mangled corpses at my feet. I rule of thousands of people and you think two tiny mamabichos can....change their fate. I've always been a fighter, no holds barred. But I had to learn the bobos ways of wrestling to not kill the pussies. Even that last match, the ref interfered twice. There is no holding back now. You reap what you sow, Kingsley. Cagate en tu puta madre!

Damien hits the mic out of Terra's hand as you see the rage consume him for a bit, grabs Terra by the hair.
His face slowly goes back to a twisted smile. He lets go and starts muttering.

Damien: That perra sata. Not worth it.
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