Damien Sandow meets ignoramuses at Comic-Con

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Aug 2, 2012.

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  2. He's a bad ass.
  3. oh god I've fallen in love with this guy over the last couple weeks :gusta:

  4. Lol 2:22 was filled with so much win!


    Also 4:23 :haha:
  5. the look on his face at 1:02 when he says 'so you work with children' would be a great smiley
  6. This guy would had been so perfect in the SES.
  7. yeah, like O_O
  8. :haha: "I think I like you" :sandow:
  9. Yay, he found a friend.
  10. Great video. Sandow is great.
  11. Damien Sandow sucks cant stand the guy
  12. Mega :facepalm1:
  13. No. He is butt.
  14. He's my hero :')
  15. What's with these noobs not liking Sandow! Them ignoramuses.
  16. Sandow is great. He needs to have his own YouTube show.
  17. Wonder how long before he runs out of big words and just repeats the same ones over and over again ;o
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