Damien Sandow

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Baraa, Jan 6, 2013.

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  1. One of my favorite WWE superstars, awesome mic worker, great heel and a good wrestler..

    He was pushed really big when he debuted, but I don't get what they are doing with him now, he loses too many matches, hell a few weeks ago he lost to Rey Mysterio - who should be putting other superstars over -in singles match!

    I like Rhodes Scholars a lot, and they pushing them in a good way as a team, but what happened to Damien's single push ?
  2. Simple. There are too many top level stars right now so there simply isn't enough room for Sandow in a main event spot with a constant monster push going. They have to prioritize and this close to mania Sandow has to take a backseat. He is still prominent on TV and has strong showings in every match he is in. It is hardly like he is getting buried.

    This is what we have been asking for. An interesting mid card is growing out of the over abundance of over talent. When you don't have enough room for interesting and entertaining wrestlers in title feuds you create personal feuds for them to still showcase them on the card. It is what is happening right now and from that we are getting a mid card we can actually care about.
  3. Yeah, as Stop said there's no room now, but no reason to worry, they're high on him and he's very talented so he'll go very very far in the future.
  4. I disagree with stop, there's room for a Sandow single's push. Let the real tag teams fight, cut out some of all those AJ segments and recaps of things that happened 5 minutes ago, there's plenty of room. However although there is room I could see the benfit of being in the tag division because I noticed that Sandow is impressive, but he could use a bit more in ring before a title is put on him.
  5. Eventually the team will break up, I foresee one of them going face, then they feud. Whoever looks better to management during that time will be moved up. IMHO of course.
  6. cody is going face, sandow is too good of a heel for it
  7. Yeah, Sandow's great talent.
  8. TBH I prefer Damien being the top SD Heel than that lame ass of Big Show.
  9. I think most people would prefer that. Show sucks.
  10. That's a big problem in the WWE, they have incredible talents in the mid card who are just waiting to be elevated to ME status, yet they always choose to stick with the same lame boring main eventers who entertains no shit.
  11. Thank you all for your irrelevant opinions. You miscreants have said enough.

    I love how character, simply brilliant!

    I agree that Sandow is the top Smackdown heel. He should have held the intercontinental or us belt by now. I hope he is put in the elimination chamber. It will be one step closer to a title fight. I would love to see Sandow vs Rhodes at Mania. Have it built around Sandow being more intellectual and superior than Cody, and it becomes a jealous or payback kind of feud.
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