Damien Sandow

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Zach, Jun 19, 2012.

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  1. What''s your opinion of the guy? I'm not sure what I think of him yet. I like his attitude though, but why does he have pink trunks...
  2. His promos have been incredibly entertaining, a highlight of Smackdown, but watching him in the ring feels like watching Orton on the mic.
    It seems like they are holding him back intentionally so he doesn't get completely exposed.
  3. @[Rainman] I agree about the promos. Not sure about holding him back though. I really can't imagine him doing a lot on Smackdown, going for any titles or anything....
  4. Very true. I meant in his little squash matches, you don't see much of what this guy can do. He tries to leave, so the face gets the advantage for a little while, and then he hits him with his knees, does the straight-jacket neckbreaker, and that's it. It seems like they are afraid to let him do more than that, but maybe it's for a different reason.

    Maybe some of the guys who watch FCW know more about him.
  5. Hopefully they are building him up or something, cause from what I see I think I'm going to like him.
  6. He is truly amazing, and the pink shorts symbalise hope, prosperity and most of all intelligence, your welcome.
  7. I like his angle like i like the gif's right above me, seriously man those are awesome. NINTENDO 644444444444
  8. Something with a N64 in and D-Bry had to be my sig, but then i saw Otunga and was like :win: i have to have this
  9. He's excellent in the mic and I love his gimmick. In the ring, I don't really think that he can do much in squash matches, so his performance is justified. I wish he had a different finisher though.
  10. I just don't connect with him :/
  11. He's freaking awesome. Give him mic segments on RAW.
  12. Hell, give him the WWE title, it can't be any more boring than Punk's.
  13. If I wrestled, my gimmick would be very similar to Sandow's. Trashing today's society and entertainment.
  14. My gimmick would be that I wrestle naked.:gusta:
  15. He entertains me greatly so far, both on the mic and in the ring!
  16. Sandow needs a better entrance, better music, and no pink trunks. Then he's perfect for a midcard title reign.
  17. Agree with everything except the trunks, they're beautiful, but i'd love a feud with Ryder for the Intercontinental.
  18. I dig it all tbh, he's an arrogant intellectual douche. The robe and music add to that, I can image him sat in a leather chair, smoking a pipe with a glass of scotch discussing literature.
  19. Robe is awesome, music is just not impacting enough. The trunks seem too Dolph like.
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