DAMN! Review of NXT 4/25

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  1. :damn: Here's my first review on this forums since I'm bored beyond. Fuck.

    Match 1: Antonio Cesaro vs Adrian Neville for the US Championship(in detail match)

    Gonna try my best to go in detail and explain the match as I watch it, which this is the match I'll do this for only. Others won't be as long as this.

    Really :pity: I know it's taped before he lost it, but at least let Cesaro keep the belt until this taping.

    Match starts, and Antonio looking dominate like he should. He came out of NXT and should look stronger then the talent there, even if it is against one half of the tag team champion.

    Nice Roll up by Adrian, but as soon as Antonio gets out he goes back to being in control. Old school headlock on the rookie too, nice. Adrian getting out, and getting some nice high flying offense, not bad at all :obama: Even sending Cesaro flying with a hurricanrana. Now Cesaro is as pissed off as a prison woman on her period :mog:

    Antonio teasing a countout and getting the crowd a little loud. :haha: And Adrian running out to get him, the rookie looking good against the champion that way. Adrian getting in the ring via shoulder to the stomach and rolling over, can already see this guy being a great spot monkey. Nice roll up pin too, this dude is a good high flyer. :haha: Face didn't hit the ring post, but nice selling.

    Brodus Clay? :no: Get the fuck of my screen Xan--I mean Brodus! And don't you tell me what to do, if I listen to you, then I'll be a walking Venusaur!

    Gotta love this crowd when Adrian was going for the pins :haha: WWWWWOOOOOOAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! Andddd Antonio back in control with brawling offense. Even telling the crowd to shut up. And he's trying to put Adrian with a choke hold while still telling the crowd to shut up :haha: Cesaro out the ring, and Adrian getting a nice kick, follow by a moonsault and landing on his feet. There really needs to be a cruiserweight division for guys like this.

    Back in the ring and Adrian continuing to show off this nice high flying offense with that shooting star press, and even after that dropping Cesaro on his head and going for a pin :mog: Cesaro selling that move real nice too after kicking out. Cesaro though, going after Adrian after he gets up for a second then drops to his knees. Damn strong booking they gave him. A roar and a missed body press to the turnbuckle for Cesaro opens up a spot for Adrian, which he uses to kick Cesaro in the head. And a moonsault by Adrian, which leads by Cesaro catching him, just for Adrian can reverse it into a DDT! Nice back and forth action right there. Aaaand Adrian goes on the turnbuckle, just for his children can meet pain :sad:

    And Cesaro running to the turnbuckle with full force for a powerful European uppercut that looks like it took Adrian's head off! And Cesaro using his strength to bring Adrian into his finisher and moves him to the center of the ring for the win. Nice finish actually.

    Match rating: 7/10
    Comments: It was a nice back and forth match, Adrian impressed me with his high flying move set, and Antonio looked like a beast for most of the match like he should. He was strong and both put on a good match. Of course I knew Antonio was going to win :pity: but Adrian did get good offense on him, and showcased his high flying moveset very well, so I give props to him.

    Now to commercial! And in case WWE didn't say it enough, GERMANY!

    Match 2: Kaitlyn vs AJ Lee

    Also side note; Nice to know that Regal had a daughter as crazy as AJ :eww: hope she wasn't sleeping with a monster, a midget, a goat, a straight edge caffeine consumer, and possibly a over size black guy that might destroy her body upon intercourse.

    Interesting, second title match in a row, although neither of these divas are really NXT needed since they are on the main roster. :haha: Handshake followed by a slap, props to AJ for that. AJ's character is interesting, she seems very good at being in character even when wrestling, by showing extreme happiness whenever her opponent is injured, having that creepy facial expression, and moving up in a weird movement.

    Not that mad of a match though for WWE divas, a good slight back and forth match, Kaitlyn almost getting the win. And AJ gets Kaitlyn out of the ring and does her sadistic smile again. AJ's sleeper hold was mediocre though, not executed good. And here we go with the screaming and moaning :pity:

    Kaitlyn getting the win with an alright spear. Superwoman booking right there :pity1: but whatever, was somewhat enjoyable I suppose.

    Match Rating: 4/10 :brethart:

    Match 3: Big E Langston vs Brad Maddox lol wut?

    Langston is gonna fuck Maddox up, calling it.

    Wait wut da fuck is this? Maddox introducing himself? "The new NXT Champion?" :dawg: What is this guy smoking, I need some of that. Dude, Maddox squashing is so few months ago :pity:

    And Langston working slowly on Brad :pity: Langston just looking like the black Iron Man here, fucking up Maddox with pure power. Langston cleavage follow by win :gusta:

    Langston arguing with the ref for a five count? That's interesting....wait....wait, finisher one more time follow by the 5 count. I think Black Iron Man is happy :obama:

    Match Rating: Soulberg/Ryblack

    Wait we're not done yet :yay: Maddox begging? :haha: This is just sad, but there are two things a black man never does. 1. pay child support, 2. spare someone if they beg. Anndddd another 5 count? Why not a 20 count?

    Bo Dallas interview:

    Nice to know that they didn't forget about this rivalry, although it took WWE long enough to remember. I guess it's a good match idea on NXT, since they do have history, it'll give Dallas some more time with a good rookie, and it'll make him look good, whether he wins or loses.

    Alright interview, kinda quick, wasn't speaking loud enough, and didn't seem to put enough force into his view. Good wrestler comparison, but it was to obvious he read from a script.

    Interview rating: 2/10 :pity1:

    Main Event: Bo Dallas vs Wade Barrett

    Bo Dallas looking energized, which is pretty good for a rookie going against Wade, since he already has a win over Wade.

    Match was alright, Bo didn't really do much to impress me besides the turnbuckle bulldog and a counter to Wade for a reverse DDT. Aside from that, it was just a brawler offense from him.

    Wade looked decent too, even got a Wasteland finisher tease, but instead wins with the bullhammer from the turnbuckle.

    Match Rating: mehhhh 4/10 :BretHart:

    Overall show rating: 6.5/10

    It was an alright show, but predictable beyond reason. Of course next week on NXT will be much better if they don't do this championship crap again. Match of the night was obviously Adrian vs Cesaro, and watching Big E destroy Maddox was priceless :haha: That's all for my first review. :otunga:
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  2. :haha:

    Your reviews are the best so far. Pretty much the same reactions for me, except I was a bit more excited for AJ/Kaitlyn considering this was a year long feud (horrible booking, but still).
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  3. If it was longer then it would have been better. It was just to short for me to enjoy, and the spear out of nowhere from a light irish whip, just didn't really sell me that win :pity1:
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  4. Still, I enjoyed it nonetheless. Best review I've seen on here.
  5. Awesome review
  6. This was a fun read, please do more?
  7. I'll probally keep doing it with NXT, since it's only a hour long.
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