DAMN! Review of NXT May 5, 2013

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  1. We start off with Fandango? No wait it's Primo and Epico, El Jobbers unite!

    Match 1: Epico and Primo vs Bo Dallas and Adrian Neville vs Wyatt Family

    And we got Regal and Maddox on commentary? :mog: Next up is the Wyatt family, those attires, those beards and that music. These two are great with their gimmicks already...it feels like they're gonna pop through my screen and play redneck games with me :eww: Oh gawd no....it's Bo Dallas :upset: I'd rather cut my balls off and eat them then watch him. And :dafuq: He's teaming with Adrian? The man who got the least rating on my last review, and the man who got the best review teaming up? It's like me watching a show with Hitler and Dio in a romantic comedy.

    Nice little match here, a triple threat tag team match is pretty cool to add. Putting veterans like Primo and Epico in this match is genius too. New stars get to have lots of time to shine, and then the veterans step in for a while and show them how stuff is done, and then tag the new talent in and start from there again. It's actually a very smart move on the booking here.

    I enjoyed this match though despite Dallas being in it. Primo and Epico were average as always, Bo and Adrian had a decent tag team vibe going for a bit, and Wyatt family was more smash brawl then anything.

    I admire though that both guys from the Wyatt family put so much of their gimmick into their match, especially Luke. Nice move to have the veterans eliminated first as well, although I'm not a big fan Luke's finisher, that shit look like it took Adrian's head off :mog: And Adrian's finisher, that was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen :yay: I'm marking for him now.

    Crowd was also great for the match, they're have nice reactions from fans :obama:

    Match Rating: 6.5/10 Oh and :finger: Bo Dallas

    Match 2: Paige vs Summer Rae

    Wow pretty nice build up for this feud. Great to see that somebody can actually make divas look like something. They mind as well move all the divas to NXT if this is how they treat them here, as compare to the main roster.

    And it begins with a sneak attack :yay: Something special to add to the match and the feud between these two, it's amazing!

    I overall really enjoyed the whole match, which is something I haven't said in a Divas match for a long long time. Paige was really aggressive, and technical when needed. She was even using the ring as a weapon, with the ropes for a good while at the start, then near the end irish whipping Summer onto the ring and doing it with so much aggression. She even sold Summer's submission hold very good. I am very impressed with Paige, I can see some improvement in ring and on her character some more, but still she's great.

    Summer Rae gave me a good laugh from time to time on this match. The begging and trying to go for a clothesline was priceless, and then trying to leave the ring was just humorous. I loved how she kept insulting Paige though, Summer reminds me of a 2008 Edge, a coward but a opportunist. I was impressed from what I saw in ring with her as well, I think she needs to work on her in ring more, but her and Paige put on a great match that I really enjoyed.

    Also, I enjoyed Maddox correcting Regal when Regal said "Indian burn" instead of "Native American burn" :haha: They're very good together.

    Match Rating: 7/10 :mog:

    Adrian chose Bo Dallas to be his fill in for his partner? What is he on, because he must have some Charlie Sheen weed. :dafuq:

    Main Event: Chris Jericho vs Bray Wyatt(with Wyatt Family by ringside)

    Stipulation: If Chris Jericho loses the match he must join the Wyatt Family(inb4HeTurnsFamilyIntoLynardSkynard)

    Nice little mic time they gave Bray Wyatt before the match. Pretty cool actually doing that with the entrance, and even bringing the family along with him. Now all they need is Sue Ann and the rednecks are all there :obama:

    Jericho coming out now :yay: Nice pop they gave him, nice to see him on here actually. :obama:

    Jericho starting by a slap to the face as Bray gets in his personal space :haha: And even throwing the big man outside of the ring and using the dropkick to Wyatt's face to get outside of the ring. Jericho even continuing the aggression by using the ring post as a weapon, this is a interesting match, and Wyatt is selling this very well. :haha: At the Rowan getting himself ejected, just by grabbing Jericho's foot.

    Wyatt gaining control after throwing Jericho out, followed by big boot from Luke as Bray distracts the referee. Wyatt doing very good, getting in some submission, elbows, and a suplex. Not bad at all, and even putting his character into the match more with that freakish grin and yelling. Very nice on Wyatt's part. Jericho getting back on the offense though and face paced, even going on the top rope and afterwards going for a bulldog, very good by the veteran indeed, but who really didn't expect Jericho to be great at this match?

    Also loved that springboard dropkick he gave to Luke :win: And :damn: Wyatt sold that enziguri very well with that front flip! Also that tackle by Wyatt was fucking brutal, it was very nice, and even sold the upset like a 2 year old baby, which is great! :yes: And that codebreaker came out of nowhere! Luke getting the cheap shot on Jericho now :sad: Luke stahp :upset: That body press from turnbuckle to turnbuckle made Jericho look like pancake too! :mog:

    That ending was interesting as well. The slingshot was nice, but Wyatt should have lasted longer in my opinion. Not bad, it was good, but it could have been better for the end.

    I also laughed at how many times Maddox was marking multiple times for Jericho :haha: The match was great in my opinion. Aside from the quick tap out at the end, I enjoyed the match, both guys went back and forth well, Wyatt used Luke extremely well during the match and was perfect at distracting the referee.

    Match Rating: 9/10

    Show Rating: 8/10

    I enjoyed the show really well, and it all fit nicely into one hour. As I thought, NXT with mostly NXT talent instead of like last week with the championship stuff and bringing down the main roster to NXT, this week was much much better. Can't wait for next week's episode now :yay:
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  2. *May 2, 2013
  3. Awesome review! :yes:

    I had the same thoughts as well, though I'm starting to not like Paige. She's great. She's aggressive. She would definitely be a big thing on the main roster but I personally just really, really hate moves that involve hair. I think, tbh, moves that involve hair are pretty cheap and not to mention illegal. Paige is a face, so it's kind of weird to me.
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  4. Well it's out of aggression. I do think it's silly to do that as well, but I she was using plenty over other moves as well.
  5. Paige needs more of a character than "anti diva" and "aggressive bitch that pulls hair and screams". Because what will happen to her when the novelity of being the anti diva wears off?
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  6. She can beat the shit out of me, pull my hair, and throw me around Stop :gusta:
    Show Spoiler
    Well that's why she's still in NXT. She needs to portray a new gimmick before getting sent to the main roster. They should be giving her another gimmick and test the water on it, see if it fits, if it doesn't then give her more until she can work with one.
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  7. Oh no, I agree with you. Her technicals were great. I just personally get bothered by hair.

    Ya' think making her heel would make things more interesting? :hmm:

    People on Tumblr are saying pairing her with Corey Graves and then premiering them on the main roster in a sort of Edge and Lita style would be good idea. :urm:
  8. It might be, still need to work on the mic if they're gonna turn her heel, and try to make her sound more sincere then whiny. As for her and Corey, no. We have had enough of those, she's fine on her own.
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  9. I say give her some depth instead of just turning her heel. To quote Heyman, "why should I care?" In this current feud it is obvious, Paige was up and coming, Summer was jelaous and layed her out and Paige is out for revenge. But I think they need to invest more in her character so she isn't just a generic face or a generic heel.
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  10. Yeah, I agree with you guys. I actually sort of cringe a bit at Paige's mic skills a bit, tbh. She's not that bad, but she could be so much better.
  11. They'll hopefully figure something out before she turns 21 and can go to the main roster. Her biggest perk is that she is young. She has a lot of years to offer.
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  12. Here's to hoping for the best, same with the other upcoming talent as well.
  13. Awesome review. Neville ftw
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