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  1. Stupid title to avoid spoilers.

    But am I the only one surprised PTP got split in the run to WM having never won the belts?

    An where does that leave Titus if he is getting pushed as a singles wrestler? As at the minute he is just bound to get lost in the shuffle.

    This sucks big time imo as I was looking forward to a PTP vs The Uso's feud for the belt eventually.
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  2. The breakup wasn't like Cryme Tyme's at all!
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  3. I was really disappointed. The PTP were a great tag team and they never got a proper chance to become tag team champions. They should have at least been tag team champions once before they split up. I wish this hadn't happened :downer:
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  4. They weren't really doing anything anyway so it's not a terrible thing.
  5. Whilst true once NAO and The Rhodes Brothers have gone and disbanded they would've been a much needed tag team. Its only whilst we have a couple of part time teams they lost air time.
  6. I wouldn't call them needed given the expected drop for the tag team division, the WWE tends to only book 2 team to a feud where you have the Shield (probably not for much longer), Wyatts and the Real Americans side on the babyface side you have the Uso a likely pairing of Cara and Rey if healthy. Plus loads of midcard guys such as Gabriel and Kofi who could fill the role.

    Much needed is greatly exaggerated as a team they'd probably continue to do nothing and as singles it's probably the same.
  7. Yeah I totally forgot bout half them teams.
  8. Yep that tends to be the problem with the E they book 2 at most 3 teams and that's it. It's a dumb move to break up the PTPs so randomly but it won't change much.
  9. Sandow and Titus back as a team again, ready to take the titles just like they did in FCW
  10. BRAND SPLIT WWE! :annoyed:
  11. Part of me thinks they're eventually gonna put Brodus Clay and Titus together and call them the Main Event Playas
  12. Don't get me started on this. :downer:
  13. :boss::shock::urm::eww2::((:kiss::wtf::why::annoyed::bully::cry::upset::booker::silva::goatface::robbie::park::harvey::sad1:
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  14. No, Titus imo is the way more talented wrestler, and has natural charisma. Darren Young doesn't impress me at all.
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  15. I do think this is an odd time to break up PTP unless the plan is to have a Mania match between O'Neil and Young, which is a complete headscratcher as I don't think either one of those guys is at a level to be commanding a singles match at Mania. It's more likely they both get inserted into whatever catch-all match Mania has, but that won't satisfy the "former tag team feuding with each other" very well.

    Maybe their feud ends at EC, at which point I have no idea what they do with them as singles wrestlers any more than what they were doing as a tag team.

  16. Slightly disappointed since I personally thought the prospect of an Outlaws/PTP feud sounded pretty entertaining (since I assume the Outlaws are keeping the straps until Mania, in which case they need a filler opponent for Elimination Chamber.) Oh well.
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  17. Darren vs Titus isnt even a WM preshow match with how WWE handled them.
  18. I didnt see this coming it hasent been reported on the net WTF is WWE doing
  19. They were the third longest running WWE tag team and they didn't get a title shot. Wow.
  20. Where did you find that info?
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