Dana White on if Lesnar is able to compete in WWE

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  1. Wonder what he's going to do when he watches this sober.
  2. YES! Even if he's drunk I don't care. Come home Brock.
  3. I :emoji_heart: Dana seriously.
  4. He seems like a cool guy and fun to hang around.
  5. All I've heard is bad things from Dana, but I think from that video he looks pretty chill. Not many speak to the press like that.
  6. He does plus he represents his target audience well imo a guy who wants to have a beer and watch a good fight.
    @[Crayo] what bad things have you heard? All I've ever seen of him he's been like he is in the video lol.
  7. Heard he's a guy that controls his talent completely, like he completely dis-regarded (apparently) a Brock Lesnar return to WWE ever. This was all spoken by WWE die hard fans, so yeah. Mocking WWE? Dunno if any of this is true, judging from that video I think not. But yeah I always had a negative reaction towards him because of those things said, shows how naive I was.
  8. Dana White respects Vince McMahon and the WWE. In a interview he said that Vince started the PPV buyrates and because of him UFC is successful.

    Here's one of his Interviews:
  9. Good video, like I said, I didn't know him and was naively listening to WWE fans. The die hard marks, probably the most ignorant fans in the world lmao :lol:
  10. I posted the other video where he met Vince McMahon.
  11. Could of told me it was right at the end of the video , lmao.

    They seem civil with each other and it's good. Both WWE and UFC say they're completely different, so why WWE and UFC fans seem to compete is beyond me.
  12. Alot of the proper MMA fans don't really care about WWE most of them who do are ironically the ones who came after Lesnar signed.
  13. Dunno, I see a lot of them diss WWE with the classic "Fake" and "Gay" insults.
  14. You just got, GOT! lmao!

    I doubt they would stoop so low to actually call it "Fake" and "Gay", but the worst I've seen is:
  15. Lol he's right, HHH does need to stop speaking in public.
  16. Yeah, Levesque seriously doesn't know what he's talking about.
  17. He does have a point if you look closely at what he says. UFC does have a limited life as the top sport it's no coincidence that the top draw was Brock Lesnar. He offered more controversy then anyone else to hit the sport besides from Sonnen when he flipped off the crowd and made his coors lite rant. You can't rely soley on fighting to maintain the masses. The same thing has happened to boxing out of Mayweather and Manny there aren't many fights which capture the interest enough to draw well. Plus UFC has evolved from his roots greatly to become more polished for TV and they need to continue to do so as the buy rates will fall eventually.
  18. I know nothing about the UFC really, do the PPV buy numbers out do WWE? If so; on a regular basis?
  19. They seem to here is the list of ufc ppvs for 2010 http://www.mma-manifesto.com/ufc-ppv-data/ppv-main/2010-year-in-review-ufc-ppv-buyrates.html and the WWE numbers for 2010 http://www.wrestlezone.com/news/244981-wwe-2011-ppv-buy-rate-information-vs-2010-numbers

    As you can see alot of there ppvs are out selling WWEs.
  20. Holy crap, destroying them lol.

    Look at how much a draw Lesnar is.