Dana White Shooting Down the Idea of Ronda Rousey Wrestling in WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lackin, Apr 26, 2015.

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    Somethings telling me that Dana doesn't want Ronda to fight in WWE.
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  2. I'm fine with this.
  3. This is him telling Vince he wants some $ if she were to do a match for WWE.
  4. There's no good reason for Dana to allow Ronda Rousey to wrestle in WWE. Ronda ain't wrestling if Dana doesn't sign off on it.
  5. Ronda shouldn't sink so low as to 'rassle in WWE imo.
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  6. I don't see why they'd be "shocked" at his refusal to let Ronda work a match at next year's Mania. If anyone remembers, Brock and Undertaker had a "confrontation" at the UFC 121 event that was meant to stir up some publicity for a possible match between them at WM27 too, but as long as Brock was under contract, Dana White wasn't gonna let anyone else profit off of him, even for just a one-match deal. I'm surprised he even let Ronda to do a one-off appearance at Wrestlemania given he was probably pretty butt-hurt that Brock re-signed with WWE instead of going back to work for him in UFC.

    Shame, as I would have loved to have seen Ronda punish Stephanie for several minutes on end before putting her away instead of whatever Divas match we're likely to now get in its place, but oh well.
  7. Is this even an issue? Just have her in Rock's corner and knock out or arm bar Stephanie during/post match.
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  8. Ronda shouldn't sink so low as to 'rassle in WWE
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  10. He's done it before. :booker2:

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  11. It's a Bot spamming random shit.
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  12. If Ronda really wanted to wrestle in WWE Dana would just tell her "yes ma'am". He is Ronda's bitch. Not that she would, but if she approached Dana like "listen shithead, I'm not fighting for you again unless you let me wrestle" he would fold like a cheap suit not dissimilar to the ones he wears to press conferences. Ronda is the chosen one. Ronda is the cash cow. Especially now that Jon Jones is flying off the deep end lmao.
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  13. Dana just wants money from this one way or another. And I don't blame him. I'm sure if him and Vince talked they could work out and agreement.
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